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Companies and work placements

Companies play a very important role in the training of university students, complementing the implementation of the knowledge acquired in the university and facilitating the acquisition of professional skills.

Benefits for companies:

  • One way to meet the future professionals
  • Collaboration in the implementation of activities and projects proposed by the company. 
  • A greater contact and approach to the University

The company proposes the activities programme to develop and the student profile as standard form.

The student's stay in the company is formalised through the subscription of an Work Placements Agreement, without labour relation, between the Company, the University of Valencia and the University-Business Foundation of Valencia, ADEIT.

For each practice there are two tutors, one for the Company and another for the University.

At the end of the work placements period, the Company, Institution or Entity will send a certificate to the students who have done the work placements, specifically mentioning the specialisation oriented in their training, length and efficiency. The university will also extend a certificate to the tutor of the Company at the end of the academic year.

Companies interested in requesting students in work placements can go to University-Business Foundation in order to manage the form.