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Career opportunities

The professional spectrum related to Remote Sensing is very broad, since its applications cover very diverse knowledge fields.

From the detection of changes in rural and urban areas, the mapping of areas affected by disasters such as frost or floods, with a major economic impact, even the climate change, pollution control or the location of mineral or archaeological deposits are issues to be treated, among many others, through Remote Sensing techniques so the professional activity spectrum is enormous.

In addition to the various official institutions, such as universities or research centres, mapping institutes of the regions, the National Geographic Institute or the Meteorological Agency, companies related to environmental studies developed through Remote Sensing techniques that provide reliable information for decision-making at the level of environmental management are emerging.

And we must bear in mind that Remote Sensing began its development in the 1950s, just over 60 years ago. It is, therefore, young and its applications are being developed but, since we are going towards a global resources management in this knowledge society, more and more specialists will be needed in the extraction of reliable information of the digital signals that satellites send us.

For all these reasons, over the coming years, the career prospects of graduates or holders of a licenciatura in disciplines related to the environment may be improved by the possession of a curricular development of specialisation in Remote Sensing as the one provided by the Master's that we propose.