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The health, social and economic impact that have the use of medicaments in our environment requires the training of experts in the rational use of them, so they can apply qualitatively and independently their knowledge to the research and development of medicaments and to the health care practice. Therefore, the general goals are:

Goal 1

To provide the necessary training for research in the different fields related to medicaments. This first goal aims to train specialists in research and development of medicaments.

Goal 2

To complete and to dig into the knowledge of the medicaments field and their adaptation in practical aspects for a responsible professional practise in the rational use of medicaments. This second goal aims:

  • To ease employability to the graduates in Health Sciences widening their skills as providing them with the appropriate training in the rational use of medicaments.
  • To provide health professionals with the complementary training (retraining) for facilitating their professional activities according to the criteria of the rational use of medicaments and/or for having better job opportunities.
  • To provide information on the rational use of medicaments to graduates and professionals from other fields not related to Health Sciences, who wish to complete their training for acquiring a specialised professional profile in the area of medicaments.