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Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teaching by the University of Valencia

Access requirements for the Catalan Language (Valencian) and Literature specialisation

Holders of a licenciatura (Spanish former Undergraduate Degree) or undergraduate degree in Catalan Philology can access this specialisation with no need of taking the admission test. Licenciados or graduates in Philology (any of its specialisations), Translation and Interpretation, Linguistics, Theory of Literature and Compared Literature, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Humanities can also directly access provided that they prove a C1 level in Catalan (Valencian) or having taken in their university studies at least 18 credits of this or in this language.

Those licenciados or graduates who do not prove having taken any of the qualifications previously mentioned will have to pass a test that confirms their knowledge - on a university degree level - of the competences related to this specialisation. The test will be about the contents of the specialisation's own subjects.

Within the appendix III and IV of the ROYAL DECREE 1834/2008, of 8 November, (BOE of 28 November) it is determined which are the secondary and upper education's subjects assigned to the different teaching specialisations of the teaching staff. And the official programmes of these subjects are published in the following regulations:

DECREE 112/2007, of 20 July, of the Council, by which the curriculum of the Spanish secondary education in the Valencian Community is established. (DOCV of 24 July) and

DECREE 102/2008, of 11 July, of the Council, by which the curriculum of the upper secondary school education in the Valencian Community is established. (DOCV of 15 July).

These contents will constitute the model upon which the specialisation admission test will be based.

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