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A huge cultural and scientific heritage accessible to the Valencian society

The Natural History Museum of the València University-M(UV)HN-  is a new installation of the Universitat de València that borns with the idea of ​​bringing together in a single space the most relevant elements of its 32 scientific collections with hundreds of thousands of specimens to offer this huge cultural and scientific heritage to the Valencian society. In addition, the Museum becomes a space for research and training for the university community and the general public.

Most of the funds come from the Museum of Geology of the Universitat, located, until now, in the facilities of the Faculty of Biology of the Burjassot campus, which was recognised as a Museum by the Generalitat Valenciana in 1996. Some of these copies were part of the old Cabinet or Museum of Natural History of the Universitat de València, which housed the scientific heritage of the university from the second half of the 19th century until a devastating fire in May 1932 completely destroyed it, and ended with a good part of the collections. From that catastrophe, only some zoological and botanical specimens that the university had collected over five centuries could be rescued, but most of the geological and paleontological funds were lost. The taxidermised zoological specimens rescued, as well as the meteorite "Valencia" are currently exhibited in the different rooms of the new museum.

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