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The most advanced technologies for everyone to enjoy the Museum

The Museum of Natural History presents a permanent exhibition of geology and zoology that is accessible for people with functional diversity. This is the first Museum that is born with an inclusive project and among their objectives we can find the purpose of constant improvement, having the ability to evolve and being available and at the service of all users.

An app is available in order to move around the Museum and discover new collections. This audio guide will be available for people with visual and auditory functional diversity and general public. You only need to download it in your smartphone. It is a pioneering application that stands out for its contents of an inclusive nature and for using markers that are activated by proximity. The users will obtain all the information of the exhibition on their mobile phone that will be reproduced as they explore and advance through the Museum, so that they can move independently through the museum and enjoy the full experience of a visit.

In the same way that the exhibitions are temporary, the contents of the audio guides are not definitive and can evolve: it is expected to receive groups of schools, high schools and other groups of visitors, who will contribute their experience to the visit and contribute to better adaption of the Museum to everybody.

Sponsors and collaborators

The museum is sponsored by the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government) through the Area of Education, Research, Culture and Sports (General Direction of Culture, Heritage and the Secretary of Education and Research) and the Provincial Council of Valencia, with the collaboration of the General Foundation of the Universitat de València.