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Grups i guies

Guided tours arranged from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (rates)

In order to arrange them:

Send mail to:

Phone or Whatsapp : (+34) 629 86 69 71

Educational workshops separated by age groups

The Museum Natural History of the Universitat de València will offer four educational workshops depending on the participants’ age.

  • "Be a palaeontologist for a day" (5-14 years old)
    • where the participants will make a plaster replica and learn the most basic concepts about fossils and palaeontology.
  • "When the Earth rues" (kids, teens and adults from 8 years old)  New
    • Do you want to learn about volcanoes? Which are the biggest or how do they erupt?
    • Participants will learn what a volcano is, how it forms and the main types of volcanoes and they will make their own volcano, which can erupt!
  • "Microfossils" (14 years and over)
    • workshop will be offered, in which participants will learn about geochronology, the ages of the Earth, the use of magnifying glasses and palaeontological material for the study of microfossils.
  • Tarifes