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On this page you will find information on the following topics:


General Instructions

Please read the following general instructions before filling in your List of Subjects!

Most courses at the University of Valencia (UV) are assigned an ECTS value of 6 credits.  In principle students need to take up to 30 credits per semester. This means usually 5-6 courses per semester. But we strongly advise exchange students to sign up for a minimum of 18 credits per semester when formulating their study programme at the UV.

Please note that International Exchange students have to select 50% of courses in the field of study that they have been nominated for. In case they would also like to attend courses outside their nominated field of study, it is only possible on the condition that there are available places. However, permission to participate in courses from other fields of study cannot be guaranteed before the arrival.


Academic coordinators

At the University of Valencia, the different degrees have their own academic coordinators, who are responsible for subject-specific matters.

The Central International Relations Office is only in charge of your administrative registration. Please refer to your academic coordinator for ALL academic questions regarding:

  • courses

  • course registration

  • List of Subjects

  • courses taught in English

  • exams

  • research for your thesis

For academic matters you can also contact the Faculty Specific International Relations Office:

  • Faculty of Economics:

  • Faculty of Law:

  • Faculty of Medicine:

  • Faculty of Psychology:

  • Faculty of Language Studies:

  • Faculty of Pharmacy:

  • Faculty of Social Sciences:


Course catalogue

Below you can find Information about syllabi and courses:

Degrees and syllabi (Academic year 2018/2019 updated in July)

After clicking on the desired "Degree", you will have to take the following steps:

  • Click on "Curriculum" . Here you can find the list of subjects with the ECTS assigned to the chosen course

  • Click on "Check info" for each course you are interested in (here you will find schedules, place, dates and further information) >

  • Click on the groups and have a look at the start date and the summons date 1 to see if it's a 1st semester course, a 2nd semester course or an annual course >

  • Click on "Teaching guide" > A PDF with the course programme will emerge

You can see in this example how to find your way around the course catalogue

The Faculties offering a major number of subjects in English are: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication. More information at:

Courses held in English (to be updated)

Remember that for academic matters you should contact the academic coordinator or the Faculty Specific International Relations Office.


Language Requirements

International Exchange students who wish to study at the University of Valencia do not need to have an official language certificate. However, it is highly recommended that applicants have an adequate level of Spanish (equivalent to B1 CEFR) before coming to our university. With the exception of only certain fields of study (Law, Economics, Pharmacy, Languages) the courses are taught mainly in Spanish.  


Steps to complete the List of Subjects

  1. Get the template of the List of Subjects and complete the document with your Name and your Home University contact details.

  2. Please open the online course catalogue to find the subjects you want to study.

  3. Complete your List of Subjects with the chosen courses and make sure you have at least 18 credits per semester and 50% of subjects in the field of study that you have been nominated for. Changes to the chosen courses are possible after arrival in Valencia at any time and on previous arrangement with the Coordinator

Note that International Exchange students can only chose subjects from the different Degrees, but they are not allowed to take courses at Master Level.

Make sure your List of Subjects is completely filled in before sending it by email to the Academic coordinator. You can also send it to the International Relations Office at the Faculty.


Students who will be studying at the Faculty of Economics

Students who are registered for:

  • Business Management and Administration

  • Economics

  • Finance and Accounting

  • International Business

  • Tourism

will receive an e-mail from our Faculty of Economics ( with the real offer of courses and instructions on how to pre-enroll.

This will approximately happen towards the end of June for students coming in September, and towards the end of November for students coming in February.

Meanwhile, the information about courses available on our website is merely guiding. Please take into account that it is compulsory for you to follow the instructions of the Faculty of Economics.