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The competitions area is responsible for organising and coordinating all the competitive activities of the Universitat de València. Our principal aim is to promote the competition among members of the UV, both internally and regionally, nationally and internationally. The Universitat de València organises or participates in these competitions:

UV championship. The university organises competitions in different sports, team and individual, which each year proclaim the winners of the Universitat de València.

Members of the university community as students, PDI and PAS may participate in these championships. There are also competitions only geared towards university’s staff (PDI and PAS).
In team sports members may belong to different degrees, unless the contrary is indicated in a championship in particular.

Principal’s Trophy. Right after the UV Championship, the Principal’s Trophy will be held, to end the activities of internal competition of each course.


  • Individual Sports. In individual sports registration is personal. Each sport has its own rules and in some cases may be several categories. Choose sport to access information and registration procedure.
    • You can participate in these sports: Athletics, badminton, chess, fencing, frontenis, judo, kendo, orientation, paddle, Valencian pilota, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, archery, triathlon and beach volleyball.
  • Team Sports. Teams are formed on the initiative of the people interested in being represented by a team official, who can participate as a player and being in charge of relations with the organization team. Choose sport to access information and registration procedure.
    • You can participate in these sports: Basketball, 3x3 basketball, seven-a-side football, indoor football, sevens rugby and volleyball.

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