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'Perxar' (Spanish Version of Punting) in La Albufera

 In El Perellonet, in the seashore of Valencia, we can find the play area to ‘Perxar’ (Valencian version of Punting) from where you can easily depart.  It is about learning one of the traditional sailing methods with boats for shallow waters. ‘Albuferecs’ are the typical and traditional punting boats in the Albufera lagoon. Formerly, moving along the Albufera were done using ‘albuferencs’ in shallow waters like marsh, lagoons and cannals.  The ‘albuferencs’ were used to hunt and fish, as they allowed to sail without making noise and thus getting close to places complicated to access.
  The popular ‘alburefencs’ They are typical and traditional punting boats for lagoons, with non-deep drafts in order not to touch the bottom- the lagoon is a maximum of two meters deep and less- but it has well-designed ballast in the middle in order to ensure estability.

The ‘perxa’ is the propulsion system used for sailing. It is a wooden pole over three meters long, bifurcated in the inferior end, with which expert punters make the boat advance and turn using their strength and skills.
With this activity, you will learn the sailing techniques typical of a landscape such as that of the Albufera.

As a consequence of the lack of geographical action scope, and the lack if general interest, the Albufera’s typical boat has not been very much spread, but it is still very important for the life of the people in the region as survival during history has greatly dependant on what the lagoon offered and still offers.
There are different types and morphologies of the typical Albufera Boat depending on their use: fishing, agriculture, hunting, transfer of people, goods, soil dredging, etc. They are given a wide range of names depending on their size, origin, driving system, etc. such as ‘albuferenc’, ‘albuferenca’, ‘barquet’, ‘barquetot’, ‘catarrojines’, ‘marimatxo’, ‘barquets de càrrega’, ‘barquets granoters’, ‘rabatjol’.
This activity can be done all year long, as there is very little contact with the water.
An ‘albuferenc’ has capacity for three or four people with an average weight.
This activity aims at, added to doing physical exercise, making our Valencian and outsider students know a traditional method of transportation typical from the Albufera lagoon.


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