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  • Esportistes fent exercici


It is a movement technique, developed by the physiotherapist and anatomist Bladine Calais-Germain. It is a progression of movements that bring into play the abdominals, avoiding ever pressures on perineum and lumbar spine.

If when practising other techniques you felt physical discomfort or pain on lumbar zone that prevented you from continuing, or if you had incontinence symptoms as a consequence of your regular physical activity. NOW you have the chance to know and try a NEW REPERTORY of exercises that empower abdominal muscles AVOIDING USUAL RISKS OF ABDOMINALS EXERCISES.


1.It improves muscle tone and elasticity of the four groups of abdominal muscles.

2.It improves the strength of gluteus and legs.

3.It improves spine flexibility, and also its movement rank.

4.It improves balance and coordination.

5.It enhances breath capacity and provides flexibility to the thoracic cavity.

6.It improves movement quality and…IT IMPROVES BODY POSTURE.

And all this, in a NON-PRESSIVE way, I mean, without exerting pressures on perineum, lumbar spine and abdominal wall.

Besides the technique is practised with different music that facilitates concentration and provides wellness and harmony.


Everyone who can deal with physical training.

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