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Join us and practise one of the oldest sports in history. Enjoy the sensation of taking a bow, putting an arrow and shooting. Try a different sport, in which only you are responsible for the result. Your skill, concentration and determination can take you as far as you wish.

The Universitat de València in Tarongers Campus gives archery classes (activities), competition trainings are organised and the archery team of the Universitat of València takes part in those activities organised by the Archery Federation, with the Sport Club of Universitat de València (Federated Sport), like in the university competitions of regional category (CAEU).

If you want more information, visit the archery coach, Miguel Gómez, in the training time (Tuesday and Thursday, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.), at the archery facilities of the Universitat de València, located at Tarongers Campus.