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    Goalball is the only paralympic sport created specifically for blind people and with visual disability, in which two three-players teams participate. It is mainly based on the auditory sense to spot the ball track (which carries jingle bells inside) and also requires a great space capability to know where to be positioned at each moment in the most appropriate place, with the goal of intercepting or throwing the ball.

   During the match, 20 minutes long, each team is positioned on one side of the track, on the side of 9-meter-wide goal. The purpose is, by means of throwing the ball with the hand, put it into the adversary goal. Any of the three team members has to try the ball not to enter their goal. All the players wear opaque blindfolds in order to match members' visibility.

   The track used for goalball consists of a 18-meter-long, 9-meter wide rectangle divided into six areas. All the field lines are marked raised to be recognizable to touch, with the target that the players can easily be oriented.


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