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The University of Valencia takes part in national and international competitions, organised by the universities through the CEDU, an organism that belongs to the CSD.

Likewise, an intern competition is organised which is open to all members of the university community who wish to participate and that takes place in the Blasco Ibañez Campus.

The participation at regional, national or international level is by university selection. “Judo is a fighting sport that is practised on an appropriate area to cushion falls (tatami), with a uniform resistant to traction (yudoka), and that consists on projecting adversaries (nage waza) or control them on the ground (katame waza). Practising this sport demands good physical, psychological and technico-tactical preparation.

Judo is an educative sport with a large socialising element Practising it, from the earliest ages, means an excellent method of physical education that highlights values such as respect to colleagues, self-control, game, discipline, effort and constant self-improvement based on personal progress.

The UNESCO acknowledges the importance of practising this sport from early ages and many doctors and psychologist that recommend this activity. Moreover, as for the game and fight, judo consists on a great socialising agent that helps differentiate the sporting combat from the violent act. It is also framed within a healthy atmosphere of friendship within a same group. Judo has correctly been regarded as a <sport etiquette>

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