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PLYOMETRIC MIX uses the footwear of lower impact in the world. Its IPS system reduces the impact until 80%. Fitness programs are used in the group to do safe jogging, to lose weight, personal training, rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries and physical education for children.

It provides important benefits for health and contributes to be fit without injuries for the articulations. They are very safe, stable and easy to use for persons of all ages.

The researches realized in the calorie consumption are 750 calories average in a session of 50 minutes of Plyometric Mix.

With this programme you will also improve the strength, the muscular resistance, you can increase the density of your bones protecting your articulations and improving your posture. It is a training suitable for all ages thanks to its easy realisation and its fluent teaching methodology. You will get the achievement of goals of different ages and gender, creating a programme suitable for everyone.

Plyometric MIX has solved the two more important problems of the training: the injuries and boredom.

Demo video (Video download .mov of 200 Mbs)


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