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The Universitat de València participates in different competitions, both at a national and international level and also organises its own internal competition.

This internal competition is open to all the members of the university community that want to participate.

The participation in the autonomic, national or international competition is carried out through the selection of the Universitat.

Squash is a racket sport that is practiced between two players on a closed court, which has two lateral walls and one frontal wall, being the one that is behind, usually, made of glass, thus making possible that viewers watch the game. It is played with a black rubber ball with two yellow points. It consists of 5 games, having 11 points each game and needing at least a difference of two points to win.

Apart from being a demanding, tactical, fun, competitive, disciplined, rapid and with vision sport, squash has been classified as the healthiest sport in a research carried out by the prestigious American journal Forbes, and it also is on the top of the list of sports that most calories burns per minute.

TRAINER: Victor Reguera Amoedo victor.reguera94@gmail.com