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Taekwondo is an olympic discipline based on self-defence. Nowadays, for this practice only sporting, is subject to rules and regulations to realize all sorts of confrontations or competitions, both techniques and of fight. To practice this martial sport, there is an only condition and it is as simple as the will and desire to learn.

Which benefits has the taekwondo practice? Taekwondo offers many benefits to all persons who practise it. Continuous training, in addition to preparing us physically, it also makes that the mind is more quick-witted and is prepared to confront all daily life problems. Physically, it provides us enough power, speed, elasticity, coordination and equilibrium; but, it also offers us concentration, reflex, self-control and self-confidence, and with that our self-esteem increases considerably.

The UV offers taekwondo classes (Activities) and organises running trainings and the taekwondo team of Universitat de València participates both in those activities organised by the Taekwondo Federation, with the Sport Club Universitat de València (Federated Sport), and in the university competitions, they can be regional and national or international category (CADU).

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