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Who does need the Sports Card?

Those who does not belong to the Universitat de València.

What is the Sports Card?

It is a card required for gaining admission to the sports facilities and enrolling in the Sports Service

How do I ask for the Sports Card?

On the website of the Service, click on the box on the right side “Self-enrolment Activities” and access “External User” or “New User”. It is recommended to watch previously the help video. It may be also available in the Secretary offices of the Service.

Where do I withdraw my Sports Card?

In the secretary offices of the Sports Servive of any campus (Blasco Ibañez, Tarongers and Burjassot), upon prior request. Documentation and payment receipt shall be provided.

Blasco Ibáñez:  secrebi@uv.es

Burjassot:   secrebur@uv.es

Tarongers:  secreta@uv.es

For residents of Burjassot

People interested have to register as new users at www.uv.es/sef in the self-enrolment section.

If you are already registered for prior years, you should enter as an extern user to the Universitat with your email address and your password.

People interested have to go the Physical Education and Sports Service, from 3 to 10 September, and provide both the census certificate and the ID. 6 September will remain closed.

From 10 September you can access the web of the Universitat to carry out the self-enrolment and pay the fee through the corresponding application. The activities start from 18 September.

Sports Card
  Annual (01/09-31/08) 1st Term (01/09-31/01) 2nd Term (01/02-31/05) Summer (01/06-31/08) Documentation
Only members of the university community can participate. Access with the University ID UV ID
General Foundation, ADEIT Foundation, Lluís Alcanyís Foundation and Science Park Foundation Staff Free Request it at the SEF’s secretary’s office
PDI/PAS and above mentioned foundations staff relatives (couple and children) €22,00 €11,00 €11,00 €4,00 - 1 ID photo
- Family register or Certificate of cohabitation
Retired staff of the UV Free Request it at the SEF’s secretary’s office
Members of other universities (PDI - PAS and students) Under agreement - 1 ID photo
- PAS/PDI: University ID
- Students: Enrolment Certificate
General public €110,00 €55,00 €55,00 €20,00 - 1 ID photo
- ID card
Sports clubs with their own coaches and other entities Under agreement - 1 ID photo
- Required documentation
UV postgraduate students €110,00 €55,00 €55,00 €20,00 - 1 ID photo
- ID card
Friends and Former Students Association €55,00 €28,00 €28,00 €10,00 - 1 ID photo
- Friends Card
- Fees payment receipt
Sports Card copy €3,00 - 1 ID photo


Access Fees
Sports Card users Free

Modalities and Fees Information in PDF