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You can check the existing agreements in portalumne, in the option of “Mobility programmes in other universities” and “Mobility destinations list”. Select Center, the degree and the type of scholarship.  

You can see the length of stay, the number of places of the agreement and the required language. The language can be recommended (Rec) or mandatory (Obl). If it appears two or more languages, unless stated otherwise, any of them will be valid to prove the language requirement.

*Note: in case of the international program you will have to check on the website of each University if it offers the Degrees in Psychology or in Speech Therapy, as well as the language in which it is taught.


Timeline of an exchange programme

The process always begins the previous course to which the exchange would take place. Check our current calendar of the orientation of processes.


Overview of the process

1. Submission of applications

* You must confirm your level of language (certificates) or, as an alternative, request the realization of the B1 level exam needed to be pre-selected. See table of equivalences

If you want to improve and to certificate your level or to learn a new language, we recommend that you take advantage of the resources that you the Language Policy Service of the University of Valencia and the Language Centre of the University of Valencia offer.

In addition, the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy offers free English lessons. For more information contact with the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Pscyhology and Speech Therapy.

* Place selection

- Erasmus→ the process of the university selection for the Degree in Psychology and the Degree in Speech Therapy is done by auction according to the order resulting after applying the following assessment criteria. The destinations indicated in the application are not binding.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor for incomings students (a buddy) you must pay attention to the call for ENTRE IGUALS programme carried out by the Servei d' Informació i Dinamització or SEDI.

- International Programme and SICUE → it takes into account the average academic record until the course immediately before making the application. The destinations listed in the application are binding.

2. Provisional list of admitted and excluded

3. Election of Erasmus destinations

4. Listing provisional allocation of destinations

5. Final list of allocations

Once destinations are defined, the student must follow the instructions at useful documents of each of the programmes, where he will find all the necessary documents. It is an essential section on your exchange experience.

The student is responsible for following all the indicated steps. We stand out the most importants:

Before leaving:

-To accept the position through ENTREU.

- Application Form at the host University. The student will have to search in the web of the university of destination the procedure to be followed and the terms in which it has to be fulfil. It is compulsory to be able to enjoy of the period of exchange.

- To do the Learning Agreement. The Learning Agreement contains the list of subjects to be done abroad and the recognition of the ones of the Degree of the University of Valencia.

The International Relations Office of the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy will establish some workshops for the preparation of the Learning Agreement. The students will have to attend with a proposal, which will have to do after consulting the curriculums at the web of the host university.

- To deliver all relevant documentation.

- To enrol in the University of Valencia. If you normally request the scholarship of the Ministry or of the Generalitat you should also do it.

- If the students resigns to the exchange programme, he will have to notify it, always in writing, to interpsi@uv.es.

During the stay:

- To fill in the Certificate of Arrival and upload it to ENTREU (it is essential to receive the first part of the grant).

- To communicate any change in the learning agreement.

Both, the initial learning agreement and its possible amendments, must be signed by the student and both coordinators, from the UV and from the host university. Also, you must always send the signed copy to interpsi@uv.es.

No changes to the Learning Agreement are allowed without contacting the mobility coordinator of Psychology or of Speech Therapy before.

- To fill in the Certificate of Stay at the host University, which indicates the beginning and final dates.

On your return:

- To upload the Certificate of Stay, the initial Learning Agreement and the final During the Mobility (if there have been changes) to ENTREU (this is to receive the second payment of the scholarship).

- Make the requested reports by the EU.

- Confirm with International Relations Office of the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy that the file is complete.