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The University of Valencia has several Exchange programs thanks to which you will have the possibility to develop and share knowledge and experiences in other universities. They stand out:


- International Programme


Developing part of the degree, and even doing placements abroad, has a big positive effect in the future of the student, from improving the knowledge of languages, acquiring independence and entering in new cultures to increasing the labour and professional perspective.


Who is involved in the process?

Four parts are involved in every exchange programme:

1. The International Relations and Cooperation Service of the University of Valencia

- It is the main service of the University of Valencia in matters of mobility.

- Performs and manages calls for exchange programs, including the verification of the linguistic requirement.

- Sets the economic conditions of the exchange grants and manages them.

- Assigns the international program and SICUE vacancies.

- Manages every process linked to ENTREU. (Attention, the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy does not have access to these processes or documentation provided through the same, for any doubt you will have contact with them directly).

2. The International Relations Office of the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy (ORI – FdP)

- Administrative management of the students of the Degree in Psychology and the Degree in Speech Therapy.

- Allocation of ERASMUS destinations in collaboration with Mobility Coordinators.

- Assistance to the student at the enrolment at the University of Valencia.

- Administrative processes related to the Learning Agreements and records.

- Documentation file. A copy of the learning agreement and their duly formalized modifications must be kept here at any time.

- General information.

3. Mobility Coordinators of the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy

- Academic support to the student to create the learning agreement.

- Approval of the learning agreement.

- Validation of records.

4. The student

It is responsible for:

- Having updated information from the host University (deadlines, languages...)

- Comply with requirements and deadlines.

- Keep the original documents and send them in time.

- Enrol and follow the instructions provided by the host University.