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Reference Acronym Name Director
GIUV2014-193 FTR Physiotherapy Technology and Recovering Yasser Alakhdar Mohmara
GIUV2013-162 GFL Yeast Functional Genomics Elia Paula Alepuz Martínez
GIUV2014-207 BIOFORA Biotechnology applied to forest and aromatic species Isabel Arrillaga Mateos
GIUV2013-160 GT Translational Genomics Ruben Darío Artero Allepuz
GIUV2014-186 CCSS Criticism and sabotage Manuel Asensi Pérez
GIUV2014-184 MOED Molecular optoelectronic devices team Hendrik Jan Bolink
GIUV2014-203 GECOHIS Gender, Knowledge, History and Subjectivity Mónica Bolufer Peruga
GIUV2013-177 GTT Thermal Remote Sensing Group Vicente Caselles Miralles
GIUV2015-216 SOLINQUIANA Solutions & Innovation in Analytical Chemistry Miguel de la Guardia Cirugeda
GIUV2013-170 O2C The Two Cultures Observatory Martín Domínguez Romero
GIUV2015-214 UDERVAL Unit for Rural Development and Evaluation of Public Policies Javier Esparcia Pérez
GIUV2014-200 UFDI Digestive and Inflammatory Diseases Research Unit Juan Vicente Esplugues Mota
GIUV2014-209 CLIMAMET Research group of climate change, weather risks and inputs to the hydrological system in the Mediterranean María José Estrela Navarro
GIUV2013-153 CPB Biotechnological Pest Control Juan Ferre Manzanero
GIUV2013-154 GIPTD Dental pathology and therapeutics research group Leopoldo Forner Navarro
GIUV2014-195 NUTRALIMEN Nutrition and Food Science Ana María Frígola Canoves
GIUV2013-163 ETICCs Group of International, Constitutional and Comparative Tax Studies Francisco A. García Prats
GIUV2013-158 GIIF Immunology of Fungal infections Team M. Luísa Gil Herrero
GIUV2014-208 M4 Tunable Multifunctional Molecular Materials Carlos José Gómez García
GIUV2013-182 DEM+ Research group on constituent power and new constitutionalism Adoración Reyes Guaman Hernández
GIUV2013-178 SOM Flavor and Origen of Matter M. Pilar Hernández Gamazo
GIUV2014-190 SILVAGroup Group of Support for Investigation in Language Variation Analysis Francisco Miguel Ivorra Pérez
GIUV2013-176 MEDIAFLOWS Digital contents and communication flows Guillermo López García
GIUV2014-192 CEMUVIG Center for Multidisciplinary Studies in Gender Violence Elena Martínez García
GIUV2013-171 Wineyeasts Molecular Microbiology of wine yeasts Emilia Matallana Redondo
GIUV2013-167 MemProt Lab Membrane Proteins Lab Ismael Mingarro Muñoz
GIUV2014-202 GENDESPOL Socioeconomic inequalities and public policies with a gender perspective Gabriela Moriana Mateo
GIUV2013-164 QBHSC Quantum Black Holes, Supergravity and Cosmology José Navarro Salas
GIUV2014-197 ENOLAB Laboratory of Wine Microbiology and Biotectnology M Isabel Pardo Cubillos
GIUV2015-217 SOCIAL(S) Research and innovation group on Geography and History Teaching David Parra Monserrat
GIUV2014-185 POpE Public Opinion and Elections José Manuel Pavía Miralles
GIUV2014-211 LHCPheno Advanced phenomenology of elementary particles and fundamental interactions at large colliders and flavor factories Antonio Pich Zardoya
GIUV2014-196 INGLOBEST Internationalization, globalization and firm strategy José Pla Barber
GIUV2014-187 TAXPROMAR Microbial Diversity and Taxogenomics of Prokaryotes M Jesús Pujalte Domarco
GIUV2013-155 MePiVe Primary metabolism and Metabolic Engineering of Plants Roque Luís Ros Palau
GIUV2013-173 GPDD Group for Digital Design and Processing Alfredo Rosado Muñoz
GIUV2015-215 LabNSC Laboratory of social cognitive neuroscience Otilia Alicia Salvador Fernández-Montejo
GIUV2014-210 LEII Laboratory of Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation Esteban Sanchis Kilders
GIUV2014-189 GIBUV Research Group on Bioethics at the University of Valencia Juan Carlos Siurana Aparisi
GIUV2013-175 didacies Research group in science education and science teacher training Jordi Antoni Solbes Matarredona
GIUV2014-199 INTECO Research Group in Economic Integration Cecilio Ricardo Tamarit Escalona
GIUV2014-206 INVTEA Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Inma Fernández Research group. Raúl Tárraga Mínguez
GIUV2013-161 EHIF Hadron structure and fundamental interactions Vicente Vento Torres
GIUV2015-213 PREMEDOC Prehistory of the Western Mediterranean Valentín Villaverde Bonilla
GIUV2013-181 FRESHAGE Age and Exercise Research Group José Viña Ribes
GIUV2014-183 IFIE Fundamental Interactions and its Experimental Implications Oscar Manuel Vives García
GIUV2013-174 SNC Central Nervous System Tumours Research Group José Miguel Cerdá Nicolás
GIUV2013-152 UOCEM Celular and Molecular Ophthalmobiology Unit Manuel José Díaz Llopis
GIUV2013-159 GIESA Research Group on Epidemiology and Environmental Health Ana Esplugues Cebrián
GIUV2013-151 Histradcyt History and scientific and technical translation from French to Spanish María Julia Pinilla Martínez
GIUV2014-205 GESTOR Geo-Strategy organizational, clusters and competitiveness Francisco Puig Blanco
GIUV2014-191 IngCrisOrg Organic Crystal Engineering María del Carmen Ramírez de Arellano Sánchez
GIUV2014-204 BIOMOL Laboratory of research on biomolecules for agricultural and therapeutic applications María Dolores Real García
GIUV2014-201 GIRHA Resources innovation Group in Ancient History César Sierra Martín
GIUV2015-212 Food&HealthLabLL Food&Health Living-Lab José Miguel Soriano del Castillo
GIUV2015-223 EMPINNOVA The innovating firm Joaquín Alegre Vidal
GIUV2015-261 DERPEligro Research group on Dangerousness criminal law Vicente Alberto Alonso Rimo
GIUV2015-246 MOSISCOM Modeling Complex Systems: Personality, Brain and Social Systems Salvador Amigó Borrás
GIUV2015-232 G-DESC Economic, social and cultural rights: effectiveness and enforceability María José Añón Roig
GIUV2016-271 VABAR Valencia Bayesian Research Group Carmen Armero Cervera
GIUV2016-317 HCMT History of Science, Medicine and Technology Josep Lluís Barona Vilar
GIUV2015-233 REGULATION Law and regulation Andrés Boix Palop
GIUV2015-262 EVER Early Vertebrate Evolution Research-group Héctor Botella Sevilla
GIUV2016-269 DSGMROIEC Sustainable development, global and regional gobernance, contemporary international and european order and values Valentín Enrique Bou Franch
GIUV2016-272 INFECTGUT Gastrointestinal infections Javier Buesa Gómez
GIUV2015-260 ISP Image and Signal Processing Group Gustavo Camps Valls
GIUV2016-281 CARMEN Healthy ageing in women Antonio Cano Sánchez
GIUV2015-226 PHES Prevention and Health in Exercise and Sport Juan Carlos Colado Sánchez
GIUV2016-273 NanoMol Molecular Nanomagnetism and Multifunctional Materials Eugenio Coronado Miralles
GIUV2016-309 ProMaEx Extracellular Matrix Proteins and cell adhesion M. Mercedes Costell Rosselló
GIUV2016-270 clrfoguit Constitutional and legal regime of freedoms, open government and the use of information technologies (IT) Lorenzo Cotino Hueso
GIUV2016-310 AFES Phyisical Activity, Education and Society José Devis Devis
GIUV2016-282 ARTEC Advanced Research and Technological Expansion in Computer graphics Marcos Fernández Marín
GIUV2016-313 MEDHISMO The hispanic mediterranean during the early modern period Ricardo Franch Benavent
GIUV2015-229 GRIS19 Grup of research on nineteenth century. Reform and revolution in Europe and America (1763-1918) María Ivana Frasquet Miguel
GIUV2016-299 ParaSalut Parasites and Health María Teresa Galan Puchades
GIUV2015-225 META Management Reporting, Transparency, Accounting Education and Reliability of Financial Information Juan Luis Gandía Cabedo
GIUV2015-224 VALuART Valencia, University and Art. Art, Culture and Society in Spain, since 1750 to today Rafael Gil Salinas
GIUV2016-306 HuMAG Human Movement Analysis Group Luis Millán González Moreno
GIUV2016-276 CLIMO Research Group on Climate, Culture, Leadership, and Measurement in Organizations Vicente González Roma
GIUV2016-318 EvalPub Public Economic Evaluation Rafael Granell Pérez
GIUV2016-311 CC Cell Cycle Regulation in eukaryotes Juan Carlos Igual García
GIUV2015-265 GIPOS Research Team on Service Organizations Vicente A. Martínez Tur
GIUV2016-287 UMIC Joint Unit for Cerebrovascular Research, La Fe Health Research Institute - University of Valencia Francisco Javier Miranda Alonso
GIUV2015-257 QUALITY Quality management, innovation and learning María Dolores Moreno Luzón
GIUV2016-289 NBL Neuroplasticity Juan Nacher Roselló
GIUV2016-295 GEOSING Singularities, Generic Geometry and Applications Juan José Nuño Ballesteros
GIUV2015-248 OPAVAL Valencian Political Observatory Pablo Oñate Rubalcaba
GIUV2015-242 NCPJ New conflicts and judicial process Manuel Ortells Ramos
GIUV2016-278 MolMatTC Molecular Materials Theoretical Chemistry Group Enrique Ortí Guillén
GIUV2015-266 PsyCOR Psychology of organizational behavior José María Peiró Silla
GIUV2016-316 READit Cognitive neuroscience and reading Manuel Perea Lara
GIUV2016-284 GPS+D Geostrategy for peace, security and defence research group M.Consuelo Ramón Chornet
GIUV2016-297 ECONCULT Research unit in cultural economics and tourism Pau Rausell Koster
GIUV2015-222 GRAM Archaeological Research Group on the Mediterranean Pedro Pablo Ripollés Alegre
GIUV2016-277 QCEXVAL Quantum chemistry of the excited state Daniel Roca Sanjuán
GIUV2016-303 GI-PVC Research group in cenozoic vertebrate Paleontology Francisco Javier Ruiz Sánchez
GIUV2015-227 TMT_BS Research group on top management teams, business strategy and corporate governance Vicente Safón Cano
GIUV2016-296 INNODES Innovation and Local Development Julia Salom Carrasco
GIUV2015-220 HISCUCON Cultural and social history of contemporanity Ismael Saz Campos
GIUV2016-280 CDC Pedagogical school content knowledge: grounds of the teachers' instructional analysis and action Joan Josep Solaz Portoles
GIUV2016-315 EHVALENCIA Economic Development in Historical Perspective Daniel Aurelio Tirado Fabregat
GIUV2015-244 CES Economic and social behavior M Desamparados Urbano Salvador
GIUV2015-264 EMO-FUNDET Emotion and language 'at work': The discursive emotive/evaluative function in different texts and contexts: Project Persuasion Ana Belén Cabrejas Peñuelas
GIUV2015-259 METALEXICA Lexicography and Contrastive Linguistics Cesáreo Calvo Rigual
GIUV2016-288 Psicotext Psicotext Raquel Cerdán Otero
GIUV2016-268 EDIFICA Evaluation and dissemination of science, promoting knowledge of research methodologies and academic communication Gregorio González Alcaide
GIUV2016-283 COMMLAB Computational Multiscale Simulation and Machine Learning Lab Miguel Lozano Ibáñez
GIUV2015-250 TOSCA Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology Vicent Josep Martínez García
GIUV2016-293 EMINA Research group on children and adolescents' emotional education Inmaculada Montoya Castilla
GIUV2016-305 LEO Laboratory for Earth observation José Felicísimo Moreno Méndez
GIUV2015-241 GESinn Social Studies Group Intervention and Innovation José Javier Navarro Pérez
GIUV2016-286 ResPediaTu Translational Research Group on Pediatric Solid Tumors Rosa Noguera Salvá
GIUV2015-243 CIRUBUCA Research Group in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation María Peñarrocha Diago
GIUV2015-237 NEUROPHARAD Addiction neuropharmacology Ana Polache Vengut
GIUV2015-256 CECPI Center for the Study of Culture, Power and Identities Joaquim Rius Ulldemolins
GIUV2015-218 TALIS Teaching and acquisition of solidarity and intercultural competences through languages and literature Elia Saneleuterio Temporal
GIUV2015-230 GENTEXT Gender and social/sexual (in)equality research group José Santaemilia Ruiz
GIUV2015-234 MITEV Metabolism and transport in plants under abiotic stress M Amparo Sanz Grau
GIUV2015-235 UCG Global Change Unit José Antonio Sobrino Rodríguez
GIUV2015-245 GENDIGIT Digital genres: linguistic analysis of production and reception Francisca Antonia Suau Jiménez
GIUV2016-312 GIEX-TMAP Ideaspsychiatry Excellence Research Group Rafael Tabares Seisdedos
GIUV2016-292 IMPARCLI Immunoparasitology and Clinical Parasitology Rafael Toledo Navarro
GIUV2016-300 MIDICO Migrations, diversity and social cohesion Francisco José Torres Pérez
GIUV2013-169 OPiCOBE Preventive, Community and Evidence Based Dentistry José Manuel Almerich Silla
GIUV2015-251 VLC_LAB Research Group in Analytic Philosophy Josep Corbí Fernandez de Ibarra
GIUV2015-239 FRASCAE Contrastive phraseology German - Spanish Herbert Holzinger
GIUV2015-240 HISCOMECU Communication and media culture history research group Francesc Andreu Martínez Gallego
GIUV2015-219 BACPLANT Bacteriology of plants and Lichens. Biotechnological applications Elena González Biosca
GIUV2016-275 QMM Quantum Molecular Magnetism Juan Modesto Clemente Juan
GIUV2016-314 UBIC Research unit in Clinical biomechanics María Pilar Serra Añó
GIUV2016-294 BMPV Molecular Biology of Parasites and Vectors M Dolores Bargues Castello
GIUV2016-274 PADELLA Biotechnology of the coordination between development and adaptation to environmental conditions in photosynthetic organisms Pedro Miguel Carrasco Sorlí
GIUV2016-298 PRU-UVEG Psychonomy Research Unit Hector Monterde i Bort
GIUV2015-231 NEUROSOC Social Neuroscience Luis Moya Albiol
GIUV2015-252 MemBioPhys Membrane Biophysics Jesús Salgado Benito
GIUV2017-371 Pers@luD Personality, cognitive-emotional aspects and health Yolanda Andreu Vaillo
GIUV2016-327 MEDT Molecular Electron Density Theory Luis Ramon Domingo Asensi
GIUV2016-322 Polibienestar Polibienestar Research Group - University of Valencia Jorge Garcés Ferrer
GIUV2016-321 SGyDF Global security and fundamental rights Jose Luis Gonzalez Cussac
GIUV2016-326 TCr Critical theory Benno Herzog
GIUV2015-258 COPOS Research group on cellular and organic Physiopathology of oxidative stress and rare diseases Federico Vicente Pallardó Calatayud
GIUV2017-349 TAPEC Technologies and Architectures for Machine Perception Fernando Pardo Carpio
GIUV2017-351 INCLUSIVE Public instruments of social protection and Inclusion Policies Maria Belen Cardona Rubert
GIUV2017-358 GIFIME Research group in medical physics Rosa María Cibrian Ortiz de Anda
GIUV2017-361 GEPOLCOM Research Group on European Security and Defence Studies Antonio Carlos Garcia Rivero
GIUV2016-325 INTERBIDE Biolaw: Interdisciplinary research group Carmen Yolanda Garcia Ruiz
GIUV2016-307 NEURESTRES Neuropsychology of stress and cognitive and affective processes Esperanza González Bono
GIUV2016-339 PT_AGE Physiotherapy in the Ageing Process, Social and Health Care Strategies Celedonia Igual Camacho
GIUV2017-348 DERMERFIN Financial markets law: banking, securities and insurance Rafael Marimon Dura
GIUV2016-333 ANIMS Numerical Analysis, Images, Multiresolution and Simulation Pep Mulet Mestre
GIUV2017-364 EEFA Fractional evolution equations and their approximation Vicente Javier Pastor Murcia
GIUV2016-335 MIR Reproductive Medicine Antonio Pellicer Martínez
GIUV2016-337 MINERVA Male infertility and embryo viability Jose Alejandro Remohi Gimenez
GIUV2017-369 REDOLi Research group in recognition for sustainability Jose Vicente Ros Lis
GIUV2017-350 Gastro Group of Experimental Gastroenterology Juan Jose Sastre Belloch
GIUV2016-319 Medreprod Research Group in Reproductive Medicine Carlos Antonio Simon Valles
GIUV2016-332 PEPL Spanish parliamentarism in the first Liberalism Carlos Tormo Camallonga
GIUV2017-368 DIGIMK.COM Digital marketing and communications José Enrique Bigné Alcañiz
GIUV2016-324 SIV Service, Innovation, Value Amparo Cervera Taulet
GIUV2017-367 eMARKETING Research group in eMARKETING Rafael Martín Currás Pérez
GIUV2017-363 CONCORDIA Social Economy, Cooperatives, Social Innovations and Public Policies Research Unit Rafael Chaves Ávila
GIUV2016-334 AUDIT Auditing and assurance of corporate reporting Maria Antonia Garcia Benau
GIUV2017-357 ÁGORA History, current practices and new challenges of the scientific knowledge transfer Aurora M. Gonzalez Teruel
GIUV2016-328 InnSpace Innovation, i-Space y entrepreneurship Clara Martínez Fuentes
GIUV2016-320 EnveCoEm Aging: cognition and emotions Juan Carlos Melendez Moral
GIUV2017-355 GRATUV Research and Theatrical Action Group of the Valencia University Carmen Morenilla Talens
GIUV2016-340 IEMC Research on music education and creativity Jesús Tejada Giménez
GIUV2017-360 UISYS Unit of Information and Social and Health Research Juan Carlos Valderrama Zurián
GIUV2017-370 NEUROMOL Molecular neurobiology María Isabel Fariñas Gómez
GIUV2017-365 POLISOC Educational policies, interculturality and society Juan Manuel Fernandez Soria
GIUV2017-346 APES Estudis de cultura visual Rafael Garcia Mahiques
GIUV2016-341 SALUSEX Promotion of sexual health in the general population and with functional diversity M.Dolores Gil Llario
GIUV2016-323 VIO-STRAT VIO - STRATEGY Research Group (Advanced research strategies in family and gender violence) Enrique Gracia Fuster
GIUV2016-338 GREDUC Education, Knowledge and Emancipation Vicent Horcas Lopez
GIUV2017-345 EVLA Study of violent phenomena in literature in German language Brigitte Jirku
GIUV2017-353 GEHUMEN Human genetics and disease models Maria Dolores Molto Ruiz
GIUV2017-354 LAP Literature, arts and performance Laura Monros Gaspar
GIUV2017-359 ARMAQoL Advanced Research Methods Applied to Quality of Life promotion Maria Amparo Oliver Germes
GIUV2017-347 GMDMB Molecular Genetics of Development and Biomedical Models Nuria Paricio Ortiz
GIUV2016-329 DIVFOREVA Diversity and evaluation in lifelong learning Amparo Perez Carbonell
GIUV2017-352 PR_EMPLOY Psycho-social research on Employability, Labour and Occupational Insertion of Youth Jose Ramos Lopez
GIUV2017-344 TMEIC Psychological assessment and intervention in cognition in mental disorder. Juan C. Ruiz Ruiz
GIUV2017-377 IPRODES Research on Inequality Processes Rafael Castello Cogollos
GIUV2017-388 GICEEX Research Group in Strategic and Experimental Behavior Penélope Hernández Rojas
GIUV2016-290 GemEduco Assessment and Measurement Group: Education for Social Cohesion Jesús Miguel Jornet Meliá
GIUV2017-356 HURIGLO Human rights and inclusive democracy in a globalized world Fco.Javier De Lucas Martin
GIUV2017-374 DSDC Communications and Digital Systems Design Group Jesus Soret Medel
GIUV2017-378 IRIMED Research in Radiophysics and Nuclear Instrumentation in Medicine. Javier Vijande Asenjo
GIUV2017-366 GROUPNIT New collaborative technologies and teamwork Ana Zornoza Abad
GIUV2017-380 Labpsitec Labpsitec Valencia: Psychology and Technology Lab Rosa María Baños Rivera
GIUV2017-389 EXINH Exercise intervention for health José Casaña Granell
GIUV2017-376 EPIGEM Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Maria Dolores Corella Piquer
GIUV2017-385 DIGRAM Discourse and Grammar M. Josep Cuenca Ordiñana
GIUV2017-375 GDLS Sustainable Local Development and Government Joaquin Farinos Dasi
GIUV2017-387 ESTEPA Studies of Territory, Landscape and Heritage Jorge Hermosilla Pla
GIUV2017-403 RRHHCIRO Research team on human resource management strategy, knowledge management and innovative and entrepreneurial behaviour Francisco Balbastre Benavent
GIUV2015-253 TERAMOL Molecular therapies research group Julián Carretero Asunción
GIUV2017-382 DPC Modern trends in Criminal Law and Criminology: Crime Prevention and protection of civil liberties Lucia Martínez Garay
GIUV2018-423 SBYBI Systems Biology in yeasts of biotechnological interest Eladio Barrio Esparducer
GIUV2018-411 PROMEDyA Prediction and Optimization under uncertainty: dynamic stochastic models and applications José Domingo Bermúdez Edo
GIUV2018-420 GESADA Group of study of the anatomical substrate of pain and analgesia Arantxa Blasco Serra
GIUV2018-409 MEDCOSVAL Environmental change and human action in Mediterranean coastal plains Pilar Carmona González
GIUV2017-398 FROG Frailty and cognitive impairment Omar Cauli
GIUV2017-396 CARMASA Asymmetric Synthesis Group Carlos del Pozo Losada
GIUV2018-418 INSTECH Instructional Technology: Designing effective learning environments Rafael García Ros
GIUV2018-408 TREMM Regio and Stereo-Selective transformation: Methods and Mechanisms María Elena González Núñez
GIUV2018-425 CORPLING Corpus Linguistics: developments and applications Carmen Gregori Signes
GIUV2018-415 eCompleX Economics and Complexity José Rodolfo Hernández Carrión
GIUV2017-391 ITA Applied tax investigation Ana Maria Juan Lozano
GIUV2017-401 FuniMAT Functional Inorganic Materials Carlos Martí Gastaldo
GIUV2017-394 SISCON Quantum Chemistry of Conjugated Systems Begoña Milian Medina
GIUV2018-419 ALBAPB Yeast applications in biocatalysis and other biotechnological processes del Olmo Muñoz
GIUV2018-416 FIPTEO Research group on Physiopathology, prevention and treatment of eye diseases Ángel Luis Ortega Valero
GIUV2017-390 EDi Education and Diversity LGTBIQ+ Rosa Maria Pardo Coy
GIUV2018-424 AGREFA Aggression and Family Gemma Pons Salvador
GIUV2017-384 NETCOMPVAL Business collaboration and business networks: contractual, corporative, IPR, bankruptcy and competition law perspectives Juan Ignacio Ruiz Peris
GIUV2018-421 GIAVAL Valencia Anatomy Research Group Juan Alberto Sanchís Gimeno
GIUV2018-413 INMUNOFARM Vascular Immunopharmacology María Jesús Sanz Ferrando
GIUV2017-395 PALPALPAL Research group on Palaeozoic Palaeontology and Palaeogeography of invertebrates, vertebrates and plants José Ignacio Valenzuela Ríos
GIUV2018-422 BIDISCO Binge Drinking (alone or in polyconsumption with cannabis): memory and stress response. Concepción Vinader Caerols
GIUV2018-405 OncoMol Molecular Oncology Carlos Camps Herrero
GIUV2018-410 MEDLIT Medieval Spanish Literature Marta Haro Cortés
GIUV2015-254 JOCASOT Youth, social change and work Anna Giulia Ingellis
GIUV2018-417 PROYTEF Judicial process and effective protection Francisco Javier Jiménez Fortea
GIUV2017-381 COS Body, movement, music and curricular practices Vladimir Essau Martínez Bello
GIUV2017-397 VaLingCat Linguistic variation in Catalan Andreu Senti Pons
GIUV2018-414 PIM Financial Market and Consumers Rights Beatriz Belando Garín
GIUV2016-342 MULTIHURI Research Group on Human Rights, Migration and Living Together María Dolores Mas Badia
GIUV2017-399 WIP Welfare, Insurance and Pensions María Dolores Mas Badia
GIUV2018-439 ELCIS Reading Literacy, Literary and Linguistic Education, Culture and Society Josep Ballester Roca
GIUV2016-330 SYMBIOGENE Symbiosis, Diversity and Evolution of Lichens and Plants: Biotechnology and Innovation M Eva Barreno Rodriguez
GIUV2018-426 FarCardVas Cardiovascular Pharmacology María Pilar D'Ocon Navaza
GIUV2018-436 MarkAp Applied Marketing into Consumer Behaviour Ines Kuster Boluda
GIUV2018-433 PYMEMCO SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Consultancy for the Management of Companies Salvador Roig Dobón
GIUV2018-431 ITEAC Research in Specific Learning Disabilities and Comorbidities (ITEAC) Manuel Soriano Ferrer
GIUV2018-437 POMA Research Group on Brand and Positioning Natalia Meliana Vila López
GIUV2018-427 REME Design and Analysis in Applied Psychology M. Dolores Frías Navarro
GIUV2017-372 gHIT Histopathology and Tissue Engineering Research Group Manuel Mata Roig
GIUV2018-430 PTinMOTION Physiotherapy in Motion. Multispeciality Research Group Sofía Pérez Alenda
GIUV2018-434 GRIFAIN Research Group in Families and Childhood Piedad María Sahuquillo Mateo
GIUV2020-468 GLOBACTOR Actors and power in globalisation Raul de Arriba Bueno
GIUV2017-402 LOCSUS Research Group on Local and Regional Sustainability Adrián Ferrandis Martínez
GIUV2020-471 INCOTRAD Corporate Information: Transparency and Disclosure Begoña Giner Inchausti
GIUV2019-446 UVLAFE Experimental Hepatology Joint Unit Ramiro Jover Atienza
GIUV2020-470 CREAMARKT Creative economy and cultural markets Juan de Dios Montoro Pons
GIUV2020-472 FINECO Quality and economic effects of financial information: regulation, audit, internal management and institutional environment Araceli Mora Enguidanos
GIUV2019-464 LiTerart Multimodal Education and Multiliteracy through Literature, Art, Foreign Languages and Learning & Knowledge Technologies Agustin Reyes Torres
GIUV2020-469 Polcomdes Comparative Policy and Development Antonio Sanchez Andres
GIUV2020-474 COMINBRAND Communication, innovation and branding: an approach based on consumer behavior, culture and gender Maja Seric
GIUV2019-466 DEMOVAL Group of analysis and demographic research on the Valencian population Carles Xavier Simó Noguera
GIUV2017-392 GHC Synthesis, reactivity and coordination chemistry of heterocyclic compounds, pharmacological activity Rafael Ballesteros Campos
GIUV2016-343 SEDER Soil erosion rates and runoff generation Artemio Cerda Bolinches
GIUV2018-432 Derglo Human Rights and Globalization Ana Paz Garibo Peyró
GIUV2019-441 i2N Electronic instrumentation in medical and nuclear physics Vicente Gonzalez Millan
GIUV2019-445 MICOTOX Mycology, mycotoxins and other microbial toxins. Misericordia Jimenez Escamilla
GIUV2019-448 ALC Aphid life cycles David Martínez Torres
GIUV2018-435 METABOMARK Research Group on Metabolic Biomarkers Daniel Monleón Salvado
GIUV2019-443 EFEN Financial Economics and Energy Finance Angel Pardo Tornero
GIUV2018-429 InVas Vascular Physiology Research Group José María Vila Salinas
GIUV2018-428 APERTURISM Tourism Public Management Rosa María Yagüe Perales
GIUV2017-373 DATS Development and Advising in Traffic Safety Francisco M. Alonso Pla
GIUV2019-440 GRIDET Grup d'investigació en desenvolupament territorial de la Universitat de València Ricardo Juan Calvo Palomares
GIUV2019-453 PSDEHESO Psychological development, health and society Esperanza Navarro Pardo
GIUV2019-454 GIBD Sports Biomechanics and Physical Activity Pedro Pérez Soriano
GIUV2019-455 GIDOP Optimal Development Research Group Maria Paz Viguer Segui
GIUV2019-444 derempresa Corporate law María Pilar Alguacil Marí
GIUV2019-450 FAREPI Respiratory system Pharmacology and the Skin. Julio Cortijo Gimeno
GIUV2019-451 REDEPOL Religion, Law and Politics Jose Landete Casas
GIUV2019-456 GRIECE Nursing care and education research group Antonio Martinez Sabater
GIUV2019-462 QOVAL Quantum optics, nonlinear optics and laser physics German Jose De Valcarcel Gonzalvo
GIUV2020-486 CULIVIAN Animals in Literary and Visual Cultures Claudia Alonso Recarte
GIUV2019-459 MATS Materials technology and sustainability Jose David Badia Valiente
GIUV2020-477 SignalFlow Signals controlling flowering in plants Reyes Benlloch Ortiz
GIUV2019-457 LENA North American Etnic Literatures Ana María Brígido Corachán
GIUV2020-475 JAT Gambling and Technological Addictions Mariano Jesus Choliz Montañes
GIUV2020-485 EnBiVir Environmental and Biomedical Viruses: applications of bacteriophages and other viruses in global health Pilar Domingo Calap
GIUV2020-479 Rehapsi Psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery in psychosis and bipolar disorder Inmaculada Fuentes Durá
GIUV2020-476 GAP Group for Applied Psychophysics M Josefa Luque Cobija
GIUV2019-465 Mupomat Multifunctional Porous Materials Emilio José Pardo Marín
GIUV2019-458 CLiGIR Contrastive Linguistics German-Ibero Romance Ferran Robles Sabater
GIUV2020-478 BACNeuLab Laboratory of Behavioral, affective and cognitive neuroscience Miguel Angel Serrano Rosa
GIUV2019-442 KV Kant-València Pedro Jesús Teruel Ruiz
GIUV2020-483 iMUSED Investigating Music Education Ana Maria Botella Nicolas
GIUV2019-467 TOMSlab Transcriptional Orchestration of Plant Secondary MetaboliSm Jose Tomas Matus Picero
GIUV2019-460 HOMCAT New Challenges in Metal Homogeneous Catalysis Andrea Olmos Verge
GIUV2017-383 GRELCA Cardiac Electrophysiology group Antonio M. Alberola Aguilar
GIUV2020-484 LONI Laboratory of neurological impairment Maria del Carmen Montoliu Felix
GIUV2019-452 TERRES Educational transitions, resistances, gender relations, exclusion and health Almudena Adelaida Navas Saurin
GIUV2016-301 CIR-INVEST Research Group on General and Digestive Surgery Joaquín Ortega Serrano
GIUV2020-481 BioCelPARK Intracellular Traffic in Parkinson´s Disease Mónica Tomas Caballero
GIUV2019-463 ECOFITOXFIN Ecophysiology and Environmental Toxicology in fish and invertebrate animals Amparo Torreblanca Tamarit
GIUV2019-461 CaMat Catalytic Processes and Materials for Sustainable Development Rafael Ballesteros Garrido
GIUV2020-482 HRI Human-Robot Interaction Group Vicent Girbes Juan
GIUV2020-480 Spine-EDU Spine Health Education Group Manuel Monfort Pañego
GIUV2021-517 CuFeFIT Metal homeostasis in yeasts and plants Dolores Peñarrubia Blasco
GIUV2021-490 INVESLOGO Multidisciplinary Speech Therapy Research Group Vicente Jose Rosell Clari
GIUV2021-488 BIOTSPERM Sperm biology and preservation Miguel Ángel Silvestre Camps
GIUV2021-492 MAPPA Macroeconomic studies and public policy analysis Javier Ángel Andrés Domingo
GIUV2021-507 OralCancer Precancer and oral cancer research group José Vicente Bagan Sebastian
GIUV2021-494 ALISOST Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Food Francisco José Barba Orellana
GIUV2021-501 GEOLIT Literary Geographies Alexandre Bataller Català
GIUV2021-496 SOREiMA Soil pollution, assessment and reclamation, mineral nutrition and waste management Rafael Boluda Hernández
GIUV2021-497 SMIrg Sport Management and Innovation Research Group Ferrán Calabuig Moreno
GIUV2021-508 COMPLICED Research in management and leadership, professional development and evaluation of educational organizations Maria Amparo Calatayud Salom
GIUV2021-499 MACFS Motivation, physical activity and health Enrique Canton Chirivella
GIUV2021-506 EB-CRIM Evidence-based Criminology: interdisciplinary answers for crime prevention Enrique Carbonell Vaya
GIUV2021-505 GIEAIED Research Group on Arab and Islamic Studies in the Digital Age Antonio Constan Nava
GIUV2021-504 APPrAd Psychosocial aspects of the addictive process María Teresa Cortes Tomas
GIUV2021-489 GIPO Research group in Prosthodontics and Occlusion Antonio Fons Font
GIUV2021-523 GIBROG Research Group in Biomarkers in Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics Juan Gilabert Estelles
GIUV2021-495 IRGRACV Innovation and investigation group in robotic and advanced surgery of Valencian Community Ricardo Guijarro Jorge
GIUV2021-511 GEA Water economics group Francesc Hernández Sancho
GIUV2021-519 TerGenOMIC Gene Therapy and Pharmacogenomics María José Herrero Cervera
GIUV2021-520 GRECIA Comparative education group Luís Miguel Lázaro Lorente
GIUV2021-512 HEP Perspectives on Hegel Edgar Maraguat Idarraga
GIUV2021-518 DIACOM Diabetes and associated complications Sergio Martinez Hervas
GIUV2021-503 MEYES Woman entrepreneur and social entrepreneurship Alicia Mas Tur
GIUV2021-522 CEL Crystal Engineering Lab Guillermo Mínguez Espallargas
GIUV2021-500 TEC-LERN New technologies, learning and neurodevelopmental disorders Eva María Rosa Martínez
GIUV2021-491 TADeSP Advanced Person-Centered Software Development Techniques Silvia Rueda Pascual
GIUV2021-513 RiskTox Alternative methods for determining toxic effects and risk assessment of contaminants and mixtures María José Ruiz Leal
GIUV2021-509 PP&V Phenotyping parasites and vectors-PP&V María Adela Valero Aleixandre
GIUV2021-498 TERCOM Terrorism and communication Luis Enrique Veres Cortés
GIUV2021-510 PSY-HEALTH Research group on psychological well-being, mental health and drug dependence María Begoña Espejo Tort
GIUV2021-521 ESNFSP Social and Nutritional Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology and Public Health María Manuela Morales Suarez-Varela
GIUV2021-502 AQUAES Efficiency and Sustainability in the Urban Water Cycle Ramon Sala Garrido
GIUV2021-493 GEVMECYL Group of Visual Studies on Memory of slavery, Colonialism and its Legacies. Hasan G. López Sanz
GIUV2021-516 DINA Data Interaction aNd Augmentation Cristina Portalés Ricart
GIUV2018-406 MIEM Housign Market and Monetary Economics Manuel Sanchís Marco
GIUV2013-015 SYMOBIA Synthesis of molecules for Biotechnological applications Antonio Abad Somovilla
GIUV2013-024 GINFAR Pharmacology of Inflammation María José Alcaraz Tormo
GIUV2013-039 ELEAM Spanish language studies in Latin America M. Milagros Aleza Izquierdo
GIUV2013-002 CAMAP Computer aided Modeling of Astrophysical Plasma group Miguel Ángel Aloy Toras
GIUV2013-001 PAFZP Pathogens in aquaculture: fish and zoonotic pathogens Carmen Amaro González
GIUV2013-112 FOSE Photonics and Semiconductors Miguel Vicente Andrés Bou
GIUV2013-076 TRAFIPROT Protein trafficking Fernando Aniento Company
GIUV2013-070 HiPIS High performance and intelligent systems Miguel Arevalillo Herráez
GIUV2013-120 UIPD Sport Psychology Research Group Isabel Balaguer Solá
GIUV2013-029 PERMUT Arithmetical and structural properties of groups, semigroups and braces. Applications Adolfo Ballester Bolinches
GIUV2013-050 ECOLAB Labour economy and employment policy research unit Josep Banyuls Llopis
GIUV2013-108 ECOTERAM Ecology of terrestrial vertebrates Emilio Barba Campos
GIUV2013-067 BIONUTEST Study on stability, bioavailability and biological effects of components of the food and nutritional evaluation Reyes Barbera Sáez
GIUV2013-090 MedArb MedArb Silvia Barona Vilar
GIUV2013-045 GRANVELLE Edition and Study of Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle's Correspondence Julia Benavent Benavent
GIUV2013-140 UIRFIDE Sport performance and physical fitness research group María Cristina Blasco Lafarga
GIUV2013-119 SEBHAP Systematics, Evolution and Biogeography of fungi, seaweeds and plants Fernando Boisset López
GIUV2013-060 GEHTD Historical Studies Group for Democracy and Transitions to Democracy Aurora Bosch Sánchez
GIUV2013-036 GSIC Group of Information and Communication Systems Carmen Botella Mascarell
GIUV2013-056 Val.Es.Co. Valencia Colloquial Spanish Emilio Antonio Briz Gómez
GIUV2013-135 Limnologia Limnology Antonio Camacho González
GIUV2013-089 RIUMED Mediterranean Hydrology Ana Camarasa Belmonte
GIUV2013-117 GRECO Strategy, Competitivity and Innovation César Camisón Zornoza
GIUV2013-075 MINTOTA Miniaturization and total methods of analysis Pilar Campins Falcó
GIUV2013-132 GES Condensed Matter and Polymers Andrés Cantarero Sáez
GIUV2013-035 LICAMEHD Medieval Catalan Literature and Digital Humanities Roser Anna Cantavella Chiva
GIUV2013-138 CUDIDE Culture, Diversity and Development Research Group Carmen Carmona Rodríguez
GIUV2016-291 InDeST Research group Innovative diagnostic and therapeutical Developments in Solid Tumors Andrés Manuel R. Cervantes Ruiperez
GIUV2013-127 InterCom Interculturality and Communication Giuliana Colaizzi
GIUV2013-004 MC2 Quantitative methods for measuring culture and education Vicente Coll Serrano
GIUV2013-083 BATWoW British and American Transatlantic Women Writers M. José Coperías Aguilar
GIUV2013-124 ETIDEMO Applied Ethics and Democracy Research Group Adela Cortina Orts
GIUV2013-116 GIQTC Research Group of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Raúl Crespo Crespo
GIUV2013-073 INNOMAT Innovation in materials and characterization techniques Ana Cros Stotter
GIUV2013-113 IARM Image Analysis, Modelling and Retrieval Juan de Mata Domingo Esteve
GIUV2013-106 DERSOCOM Comparative Company Law José Miguel Embid Irujo
GIUV2013-062 LLICVALSOR Language, Literature and Valencian Culture from Golden Age to Renaissance Vicent Josep Escartí Soriano
GIUV2013-016 AFIPS Physical Activity and Health Promotion Group Isaac Estevan Torres
GIUV2013-052 NQCC Chemical Nucleases based on Coordination Compounds Sacramento Ferrer Llusar
GIUV2013-121 CONTD Audiovisual formats and content Miquel Francés Doménech
GIUV2013-145 CiSEM Cultures and Societies of the Middle Ages Antoni Josep Furió Diego
GIUV2013-046 GI2AM Research Group on Environmental Engineering M. Carmen Gabaldón García
GIUV2013-021 DRAFBE Diferenciability, renormings and analytic functions on Banach spaces Pablo Galindo Pastor
GIUV2013-097 UDF-TM Molecular Topology and Drug Design Unit Jorge Gálvez Álvarez
GIUV2013-027 FUSCHROM Fundamental studies in Chromatography M. Celia García Álvarez-Coque
GIUV2013-018 LEQ Laboratory of Electrochemistry José Juan García Jareño
GIUV2013-104 GPOEI Opto-Electronic Image Processing Group Francisco Javier García Monreal
GIUV2017-393 I'TOC Research and Treatment of Obsessions and Compulsions Gemma Garcia Soriano
GIUV2013-100 NC Comparative Neurobiology José Manuel García Verdugo
GIUV2013-107 SUPRAMOL Supramolecular Chemistry Enrique García-España Monsonis
GIUV2013-102 GREAV Research Group in University Pedagogy, Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development Bernardo Gargallo López
GIUV2013-149 BRIOFILO Bryophytes: Philogeny, Biogeography and Conservation Ricardo Garilleti Álvarez
GIUV2013-082 DRUGBIOP Drug Bioavailability Optimization Group Teresa María Garrigues Pelufo
GIUV2013-041 MODeLiC Organic materials for detecting and controlled releasing Pablo Gaviña Costero
GIUV2013-008 UNIPSICO Group of psychosocial research on organizational behaviour Pedro Rafael Gil Monte
GIUV2013-033 INNOMARK Research group in marketing and innovation in retailing and services Irene Gil Saura
GIUV2013-059 UV-ERS Environmental Remote Sensing Group María Amparo Gilabert Navarro
GIUV2013-088 CyD Culture and Development Nuria Girona Fibla
GIUV2013-043 LABORUM3.0 Research group on transformations of the labor law and social protection José María Goerlich Peset
GIUV2013-055 AAEM Art and Architecture in the Modern Age Mercedes Gómez-Ferrer Lozano
GIUV2013-098 EVOSALUD Evolution and Health: Experimental evolution and epidemiology Fernando González Candelas
GIUV2013-054 GIRHTC Research Group on Rhetoric, Humanism and the Classical Tradition Ferran Grau Codina
GIUV2013-078 RIALE Intercultural Relations Germany-Spain Isabel Gutiérrez Koster
GIUV2013-095 DIDGEOMAC Group for research in geometry education and mathematically gifted students Ángel Gutiérrez Rodríguez
GIUV2013-009 LINCE Research Lab on Endothelial Cell Carlos Hermenegildo Caudevilla
GIUV2013-103 CREARI Cultural pedagogies research group Ricard Vicent Huerta Ramon
GIUV2013-137 FonCat Catalan Phonetics and Phonology Jesús Jiménez Martínez
GIUV2013-133 GCC Coordination chemistry Miguel Julve Olcina
GIUV2013-058 InMIDE Group of Investigation in Migration and Processes of Development Joan Lacomba Vázquez
GIUV2013-099 OMMEE Optimization and Mathematical Models for Economics and Business Vicente Liern Carrión
GIUV2013-087 ESALDI Spaces and Algebras of differentiable Functions Manuel Maestre Vera
GIUV2013-057 FET-TRANS Statistical physics and thermodynamics of transport processes Salvador Mafé Matoses
GIUV2013-005 COAL Contamination of Food Jorge Mañes Vinuesa
GIUV2013-093 TRANSICIONS Transitions from education to work in contexts of social vulnerability Fernando Marhuenda Fluixà
GIUV2013-047 CompAC Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology Group José María Martí Puig
GIUV2013-080 HISLEDIA History and Historiography of Spanish Language in its Diachrony M. José Martínez Alcalde
GIUV2013-085 ImaFoton Imaging and Photonics Manuel Martínez Corral
GIUV2013-013 LISITT Integrated laboratory of Intelligent Systems and traffic information technology Juan José Martínez Dura
GIUV2013-020 LSyM Simulation and Modeling Laboratory Rafael Javier Martínez Dura
GIUV2013-012 CiTrans Intercultural communication and translation Juan José Martínez Sierra
GIUV2013-040 EDPNOL Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations José M. Mazón Ruiz
GIUV2013-111 GAMM-CyBAR Multivariate and Multicomponent Analysis Group - Quality and high-throughput bioanalysis María José Medina Hernández
GIUV2013-025 EVALUAMECO Formulation, technologycal assessment and pharmacokinetic evaluation of drugs and cosmetics Matilde Merino Sanjuan
GIUV2015-236 EVAIN Assessment and Intervention in Childhood and Adolescence: Psychosocio-educational and emotional variables involved in prosocial behavior Mª Vicenta Mestre Escrivá
GIUV2013-139 CIAO Italianistic Consortium of Analysis & Study of Literature Plays Juan Carlos de Miguel Canuto
GIUV2013-051 EFRAREME Literary and translation French studies: reception and mediation Evelio Miñano Martínez
GIUV2013-065 INVESDROGA Psychobiology of Drug Dependence José Miñarro López
GIUV2013-146 MARKINADIS Marketing research group, internationalization and distribution channel management Alejandro Mollá Descals
GIUV2013-069 Facthum Human factor and road safety research group Luis Montoro González
GIUV2013-109 GICC Research team of Scientific Culture Trinidad Carolina Moreno Castro
GIUV2013-068 GENEVOL Evolutionary Genetics Andrés Moya Simarro
GIUV2013-131 Lensing Gravitational Lensing: A tool for Cosmology and Astrophysics José Antonio Muñoz Lozano
GIUV2013-072 CRECYCSEM Crystal Growth and Semiconductor Characterization Group Vicente Muñoz Sanjosé
GIUV2013-031 DITIPS Research designs and techniques in Social Psychology Sergio Murgui Pérez
GIUV2013-084 GEO Electromagnetism and Waves Group Enrique Navarro Camba
GIUV2013-066 CARGRUPS Characters and Conjugacy Classes in Finite Groups Gabriel Navarro Ortega
GIUV2013-037 HistConcep Conceptual History and criticism of the Modernity Faustino Oncina Coves
GIUV2013-030 GREV Networks and Virtual Environments Group Juan Manuel Orduña Huertas
GIUV2013-010 VALORTO-INVES Orthodontics Research Group Vanessa María de Paredes Gallardo
GIUV2013-125 AsymCat Research group on asymmetric catalysis with metal complexes and organocatalysts José Ramon Pedro Llinares
GIUV2013-022 BEC Cnidarian Biodiversity and Evolution Álvaro Luis Peña Cantero
GIUV2017-379 SOCIAL-COM Research group on social cohesion and local dynamics Jose Vicente Pérez Cosin
GIUV2013-079 R.F.E.M. Radiopharmacy and drugs stability Facundo Pérez Giménez
GIUV2013-110 GRFQ Photochemistry Reactivity Group Julia Pérez Prieto
GIUV2013-141 LMN Research group in LADMER, microparticles and nanoparticles of drugs José Esteban Peris Ribera
GIUV2013-003 SAMA Food and Enviromental Safety Yolanda Picó García
GIUV2013-118 GEVDPE Valencian Study Group on European Private Law Javier Plaza Penadés
GIUV2013-048 ADHEME Didactical, historical and epistemological analysis of school mathematics Luis Rafael Puig Espinosa
GIUV2013-144 Hybrida Cultural hybridations and migrant identities Domingo Pujante González
GIUV2013-023 ZOOMAR Marine Zoology Juan Antonio Raga Esteve
GIUV2013-091 TCE Contemporary European Drama (18th-21st centuries): Criticism, reception and transnationality Ignacio Ramos Gay
GIUV2013-006 SMolMat Switchable Molecular Materials José Antonio Real Cabezos
GIUV2013-123 NAPRODIN Naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agents M. Carmen Recio Iglesias
GIUV2013-179 ENVEST Aging, mental health and new technologies Rosa Redolat Iborra
GIUV2013-034 GIRLC Research Group on the Reception of the Classical Literatures Jordi Redondo Sánchez
GIUV2013-143 MEMSLab Microelectronics and Microsensors Laboratory Abilio Cándido Reig Escrivá
GIUV2013-142 LEGAMBIENTAL Environmental, Energy and Planning Regulation Inmaculada Revuelta Pérez
GIUV2013-019 ZOORECERC Research Group in Zoology Vicente Roca Velasco
GIUV2013-081 GIEL Research Group in the Teaching of Languages Carmen Rodríguez Gonzalo
GIUV2013-071 ESDESOST Sustainability Studies José Manuel Rodríguez Victoriano
GIUV2013-129 EMO Molecular and organismal evolution in plants Josep Antoni Rosselló Picornell
GIUV2013-115 RL-EO-UPOX Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress. Oxidative Pathology Unit Guillermo Sáez Tormo
GIUV2013-148 CSE Research Group on Human Rights and European Social Charter María del Carmen Salcedo Beltrán
GIUV2013-028 GICAPC Research group on analytical control of cosmetic products Amparo Salvador Carreño
GIUV2013-105 CRIE Curriculum, Media Resources and Educational Institutions Ángel San Martín Alonso
GIUV2013-092 GRETRALIGREHIMP Group de Research and Translation of Hellenistic and Imperial Greek Literature Jorge Luis Sanchis Llopis
GIUV2013-026 EMPRECOOP Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives and Social Economy Management Joan Ramón Sanchis Palacio
GIUV2016-302 ANTROPIA Study group Anthropology, heritage and cultural imaginary Beatriz Santamarina Campos
GIUV2013-061 CALAGUA-UV Research group on Environmental Technologies Aurora Seco Torrecillas
GIUV2013-014 MODHIS Histone modifications in epigenetic regulation Ramón Sendra Pérez
GIUV2013-044 MUPART Memory and meaning: use and perception of of artistic remains in Valencian region during Medieval and Early Modern Ages Amadeo Serra Desfilis
GIUV2013-126 e3 Ecology, Ethology and Evolution Manuel Serra Galindo
GIUV2013-017 IDAL Intelligent data analysis laboratory Antonio José Serrano López
GIUV2013-007 GLCC Group of Contemporary Catalan Literature Vicent Simbor Roig
GIUV2013-038 CLECEM Liquid Chromatography, Capillary Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry Ernesto Simó Alfonso
GIUV2013-134 IQCATAL Group of Heterogeneous Catalysis Benjamín Eduardo Solsona Espriu
GIUV2013-096 BCPUV Plant conservation biology Pilar Soriano Guarinós
GIUV2013-122 MIETIC Educational Research Methods and Information and Comunication Technologies Jesús Modesto Suárez Rodríguez
GIUV2013-053 NEUROFUNC Lab of Functional and Comparative Neuroantomy of the University of Valencia Vicent Manuel Teruel Martí
GIUV2013-011 EFME Medium effects reserach group Ignacio Nilo Tuñón García de Vicuña
GIUV2013-074 GRSV Solar radiation group María del Pilar Utrillas Esteban
GIUV2013-101 GPF Research group person and family José Ramón de Verda Beamonte
GIUV2013-166 NUCTH Effective Theories in Hadronic and Nuclear Physics Manuel José Vicente Vacas
GIUV2013-094 ARSMAYA Research group in art, archeology and cultural heritage Cristina Vidal Lorenzo
GIUV2013-157 VEGA Valencia Experimental Group on Astroparticle Physics Juan Zúñiga Román
GIUV2013-156 AHEP Astroparticle and high energy physics José Wagner Furtado Valle
GIUV2013-180 IFIC-EHEP Experimental High Energy Physics at Colliders Juan A. Fuster Verdú
GIUV2013-165 NEXT-T2K Experimental Astroparticle and Neutrino Physics Juan José Gómez Cadenas
GIUV2017-362 DIGIPOL Digitalisation and Politics Oscar Barbera Areste
GIUV2015-249 ERR Rare Respiratory Diseases Research Group Francisco José Dasi Fernández
GIUV2013-136 EFIQ Thermodynamic and Transport Properties. Phase equilibria Sonia Loras Giménez
GIUV2020-473 DESC.LABOR Multidisciplinary analysis of the right to digital disconnection at work Daniel Toscani Gimenez