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Horizon Europe

What is Horizon Europe?

Horizon Europe  is the main EU programme for funding research and innovation in Europe during the period 2021-2027.

Participating in Horizon Europe will offer you the opportunity to find additional funding for your project, and to share knowledge and experience with the members of your consortium.

Calls for proposals are defined in every Work Programme for the different sections. The WP published up to date are available on the Funding and Tenders website.

Horizon Europe Spanish Portal includes relevant documents, events and news on the European framework programme.

Horizon Europe Structure (2021-2027)

Missions in Horizon Europe

European Partnerships in Horizon Europe


Why apply for HE projects?

Because it allows:

  • Strategic reflection to identify your main axes and lines of research.
  • Increase in competitiveness.
  • Partnership with entities of other countries and international network.
  • Internationalisation of strategies and markets.
  • Share risks in research and innovation activities.
  • Access to privileged information at European level and to new knowledge.
  • Technological update.
  • Improvement of the beneficiary's image: visibility and prestige.
  • Funding of research and innovation activities.
  • Ability to address today's increasingly complex and interrelated scientific and industrial problems, as well as knowledge of where the sector is heading.
  • Opening to new markets.

Who can participate in Horizon Europe?

Any legal entity established in a country of the European Union, in a country associated to Horizon Europe or in third countries, such as universities, companies, associations or groups of companies, research centres, technology centres, public administrations or users in general, etc., whose profile is adapted to the conditions (eligibility and admissibility), lines and priorities established in the corresponding Work Programmes and Calls, may participate in the actions of the Horizon Europe Programme, provided that it undertakes to:

  • Invest the necessary time and resources for the project’s correct development.
  • Assume and share with the project partners the risks arising from the implementation of the activities themselves.
  • Working in a team, sharing knowledge in a European consortium (except for certain projects where you can participate individually).
  • Accept that English is the working language.

From the UV we address to the staff of our university community with research capacity and function who wish to participate in an international research project.


Partner search

Most European programmes require a minimum number of legal entities from different countries participating in the project proposal. There are different sources of information and databases suitable to find a project partner.

Networks and databases

National Contact Points will help you to get in touch with prospective project partners from any given European country.

The European Union, by means of its Funding & Tenders website, offers a Partner Search service for Horizon Europe projects.

Below there is a list of National Contact Point Networks with online partner search services:

Ideal-ist is an international ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) National Contact Point (NCP) network, supporting research and innovation activities for the EU Framework Programmes. The network includes more than 65 partners from Member States, Associated Countries, Eastern European Partner Countries (EEPC), Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC), and other countries throughout the world.
Net4Society is the international network of National Contact Points for the Societal Challenge 6 ("Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies") in Horizon 2020. National Contact Points (NCPs) are set up to guide researchers in their quest for securing EU funding.
Fit for Health The Fit for Health 2.0 project has ended since 31 October 2017, but further to many requests from users, you can still use the euMatch partner search and match-making tool at to find suitable partners in the current EU H2020 funded projects in the Health thematics .
Seren The overall objective of SEREN4 is to strengthen the capacities of and cooperation among Secure Societies NCPs and to provide high quality support and services to programme applicants and the security community at large with the view to enhancing participation in the security research and innovation area.
Visibility as partners

Expressions of interest for MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships 2023 under Horizon Europe

Research Groups who are hiring Marie Sklodowska-Curie researchers in the framework of MSCA PF Postdoctoral Fellowships Call for Proposals 2023. To access the full EoI posted on Euraxess, click on the link provided below showing Euraxess logo.

Research field City, Country University, Centre Link to EoI MSCA IF 2023

Biological Science

València, Spain Universitat de València, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, MemProt Lab euraxess

Science Communication

València, Spain Universitat de València, Research Institute on Social Welfare Policy (POLIBIENESTAR), ScienceFlows group euraxess
Calls for proposals to promote participation

Universitat de València

Universitat de València issues annually its call for proposals for supporting the preparation of European projects. This call remains open throughout the year or until its budget is exhausted.

Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation

Valencian Regional Government (GVA). Valencian Regional Ministry for Education, Universities and Employment.

European Projects

Participation of the UV in PROAEUROPE project:

The University of Valencia benefits since 2020 from the grant of Europe Networks and Managers – Technological Centres. These grants from the Ministry of Science and Innovation are aimed at providing public and private research organisations with the necessary structure and expertise for the promotion, preparation, support and management of European projects, with the objective of improving the chances of research organisations to obtain Community funding from the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for the period 2021-2027, called Horizon Europe.

The University of Valencia is implementing the project PROA EUROPE - Programme for promotion and support of Horizon Europe projects at The University of Valencia, with reference: ECT2020-000854.

Financiado por la Unión Europea
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Agencia Estatal de Investigacion
Horizonte Europa
European Comission
Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

Transfer and Innovation Service Capacities

The International R+D+I Section of the Transfer and Innovation Service carries out the following actions:


  • Dissemination, promotion and encouragement of participation.
  • Dissemination of information on the different calls for international projects.
  • Information and advice to researchers and research groups in order to establish strategies of participation in European and International R+D+I Projects.
  • Advice on preparation and drafting of proposals.
  • Preparation of the grant agreement and consortium agreement in successful proposals.
  • Financial reporting and cost justification to funding bodies.
  • Staff management under international research projects.
  • Preparation of financial audits and liaison with external auditors.
  • Drawing up administrative certificates related to international research projects.
  • Fundraising, national and local, to promote the participation of the UV in international research projects.
  • Management of the call to promote the participation of the UV in international research projects.

Transfer and Innovation Service

International R+D+I Section

Avda. Blasco Ibañez 13, Nivel 4

46010 València

Office of the Principal - University of Valencia

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