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Presentation of the Faculty

Presentation of the Faculty of Psychology


The Faculty of Psychology of the University of Valencia was created in October 1983, and formed part of the group of the first five Spanish public faculties. Since then, different Psychology Degree Curricula have been taught and, in 1998, Speech Therapy Diploma studies were incorporated. Nowadays, the Degrees in Psychology and Speech Therapy are framed within the Health Sciences Branch. 

The Degree in Psychology trains professionals with the scientific knowledge they need to understand, interpret, analyse and explain human behaviour, with the basic skills and abilities to evaluate and intervene in individual and social settings to promote and improve health and quality of life.

The objective of the Degree in Speech Therapy is to provide theoretical and practical training to help solve different problems related to voice, hearing, speech and language.

Specialist postgraduate studies are also taught in this Faculty, along with a wide range of Official Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Studies. Teaching is given simultaneously with intensive research activity that is distributed into many lines and themes, which leads not only to considerable national and international relevant scientific output, but also to ample knowledge transfer to the social setting.

According to teaching and research quality indicators, this Faculty has constantly occupied one of the first ranking positions. In recent years, it has been among the 50 most important Faculties of Psychology in Europe.



Speech Therapy

 The Governing Council of the Universitat de València passed on 23 March the Studies Programme of the Diplomatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree) in Speech Therapy, which was published at the BOE no. 197 of 17 August 2000. This Diplomatura is going to be extinct since on the academic year 2010-2011 it was implemented the Degree in Speech Therapy, organised in 4 years and 240 ECTS credits and belongs to the Health branch of knowledge.

The profession of speech therapist is recognised by Law 44/2003 of Regulations of Health Professions, as a health profession. Furthermore, the Royal Decree 1277/2003, which regulates the authorisation of the Health Centres, regulates the professional activities of the Speech Therapists.