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Polyhedrons and other surfaces that you will never hear about. Architecture and Mathematics.


Abstract: One of the biggest problems that maths teachers encounter at teaching is the student’s necessity of knowing the usage of what we are teaching them, all the time. With this thought, the first part of the seminar is dedicated to polyhedrons, surfaces which students have studied through the years and which have helped to several architects to build some of their most emblematic buildings. In the second part of this seminar, we will see an introduction to new techniques which are currently used in the computer surface design and that are based on maths.


María García is graduated in Mathematics by the Universitat de València and holds a doctorate in Mathematics by the Universitat Politècnica de València. She also holds Master's Degree in Mathematical Research by the UV and a Master’s Degree in Computational Mathematics by the UJI. Besides, from 2009 se works as a secondary school teacher and since 2016 as an adjunct professor in the Universitat de València.
In the Mathematics dissemination field, María has given several lectures about the study of surfaces and their sections.

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