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Faculty of Physics of the Universitat de València (Burjassot Campus). Enric Marco, technician of the Astronomy Classroom, launches this activity with a short introductory talk about twenty minutes to describe the activities astronomers do and to explain briefly the main celestial objects. After that, with the telescope, the Sun will be observed. Its main features will be explained and also how to observe the Sun safely. In case of adverse atmospheric conditions to the observation, this part will be replaced by another activity of the Astronomy Classroom.

The workshop consists of two parts: first, it will be introduced the diverse kind of surfaces, how their sections are, in other words, what flat figures may appear when a surface is cut by a plane, and which applications the knowledge of the sections of a geometric figure are. In the second part, assistants have the opportunity of building some real models of the surfaces seen in the first part, from some families of sections of these surfaces. First, using templates and paper and scissor, attendances will cut the sections to, after that, building the surface from the sections.


María García Monera, a mathematics secondary education teacher, is the responsible of carrying out this workshop of the Faculty of Mathematics in Burjassot. Also, a mathematic route through the interior of the Burjassot campus has made for the first time, as an rehearsal to develop some more in alternative places to the ones celebrated in the city of Valencia.


During this workshop, students will receive a brief theoretical introduction of the basic concepts of light, the electromagnetic spectrum and the interaction Light-matter (colour, absorption, luminescence, etc.). The most common usages of sunlight as a sustainable energy source will be discussed. Subsequently, two practical activities will be carried out by two groups. The workshop will be carried out by PhD. Raquel E. Galani and Professor Soranyel Gonzalez Carero, of the Institute of Molecular Science of the Universitat de València.

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