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Since its origins in 1960, research has always been present in the Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT), but since the year 2000 it begins an increasing trend that still maintains. As a Service of the University of Valencia, CECT research production is included within the University Department of Microbiology and Ecology (where the three main researchers of our current team belong as Professors).

During last years the CECT has evolved into a Biological Resource Center (BRC), and as a BRC its research lines include very broad aspects of taxonomy, preservation and identification or characterization methods of its microbial holdings. All these aspects have been present in the recent CECT research activity:

  • Taxonomy, phylogeny and preservation of marine bacteria
  • Bacteria of food and agriculture interest: identification, characterization and preservation
  • Application of authentification and identification methods of strains: MALDI-TOF MS and GC FAME
  • Development of new molecular indicators for fungi and prokaryotes
  • Study of halophilic microorganisms
  • Development of new presentations for the microbial genetic resources
  • Optimization of preservation protocoles for delicate and recalcitrant strains
  • Exploring microbial diversity and its biotechnological potential

Issue no.54 of the Newsletter of the Spanish Society of Microbiology SEM@FORO gathers a review about our group in late 2012.