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The regulations regarding the departments are explained in Articles 15 and 16 of the Constitution of the University of Valencia. These are the bodies in charge of coordinating teaching in agreement with the organisation of the University, of promoting research and of other university activities regarding one area of knowledge or a combination of areas, according to an affinity or connection that justifies this grouping from an academic point of view and with the criteria of effectiveness and efficiency.

There may not be more than one department per area of knowledge, except as stipulated in Article 19.3.  However, for academic reasons, the University, by agreement of the Council of Governors and a prior report by the Advisory Board, may create its own areas of knowledge.  

The contents considered to be specific to each area or areas of knowledge are assigned to the relevant departments and carried out in one or more of the teaching centres included in the various curriculums. In the case of teachings that can be considered as specific to areas of knowledge assigned to several departments, the Governing Council will determine the relevant assignation and duration. The Advisory Board will issue a report beforehand, after hearing the departments, the academic commissions for degree courses and the centres.

Each department must be assigned to the centre where it teaches most of its core and compulsory subjects for the different qualifications.  However, the Governing Council, having a prior report from the Advisory Board, may change this due to reasons of scientific and academic affinity.

Department Adress Telephone E-Mail/Website
Administrative and Procedural Law Avda. dels Tarongers s/n

Procedural Law

(+34)  96 382 81 04

Administrative Law

(+34) 96 382 91 02

Civil Law Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 81 16 dep.dret.civil@uv.es
Constitutional Law, Political and Administrative Sciences Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 81 20 dep.dret.consticpia@uv.es
Moral and Political Legal Philosophy Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 81 29 dep.filosofia.dret@uv.es


Financial Law and Legal History Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 85 82 dep.dret.financer.historia@uv.es
International Law "Adolfo Miaja de la Muela" Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 85 51 dep.dret.internacional@uv.es
Mercantile Law "Manuel Broseta Pont" Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 81 39 dep.dret.mercantil@uv.es
Criminal Law Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 81 46 dep.dret.penal@uv.es
Roman Law and State Canon Law Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 81 66 dep.d.roma.i.eclesiastic@uv.es
Labour and Social Security Law Avda. dels Tarongers s/n (+34)  96 382 81 77 dep.dret.treball.i.ss@uv.es