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If I exceed on free-elective credits, can they be recognised as optional credits?

You can only get optional credits when taking optional subjects included in the academic offerings of the corresponding studies. Nevertheless, the excess of optional credits can count as free-elective credits when finishing the studies.

What should I do to to apply for the title and how long does it take to arrive?

To apply for the title it is necessary that all the marks appear in the academic record and to have the ID in force. You should pick up the form and the receipt in the Office of the Secretary. In just one morning you can have the receipt that serves for all purposes to credit that you are a graduate. The definitive title usually takes between six months and a year.
The price for issuing the title plus the DS (European Diploma Supplement) in Psychology and Speech Therapy  is reviewed each academic year.

Important: the title can only be delivered to the interested person, providing the original ID in force (other document for identification such as the driver’s license, passport, etc., is not allowed).

It is possible to have a copy notarised for any document at the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty and how much does it cost?

It can only be notarised documents that have been originated in this Faculty (for example, the title or the transcript).

I have taken a free-elective course, what must I do so that it is submitted to my academic record?

You have to bring the copy and the original supporting certificate that indicates that you, indeed, have taken that course. Depending on what course you carried out, you have to pay a tax (the amount is calculated according to the validated credits). Once you make the payment, you bring a receipt to the Office of the Secretary where you should fill in a form and, within one week or a month and a half (depending on the period of the academic year and the workload), you will have it submitted to your academic record.
Note: if it is urgent to finish the degree, you should tell us so that we give it priority.

I have not received any information on my application for the grant by the Ministry nor the Valencian Government, when and how should I pay the receipt of payment of the enrolment fees?

You can consult the status of the request for grants at the following Internet address: http://sestud.uv.es. In the moment in which it is informed to this Office of the Secretary about the granting or rejection of the grant, we will send out the receipt of the fee at your address.

When should I present the validations and how long does it take to be effective?

The validation can be applied for in the moment of formalising the enrolment in the enrolment room with all the required documentation. The time that takes in being validated depends on the type of validation: if it is free-elective or of content, the Academic Committee of the Degree informs periodically.

Do I have to enrol in the subjects that I apply for validation?

No, you have not.

Is there a table of validations?

Yes, there is, in this same webpage of the Faculty.

How many credits have to be completed so that you are not dismissed from the Faculty?

12 credits in the first academic year of the Degree.

I would like to have a tutoring session with the professor, where are their offices?

You should discover the Department they belong to, look the directory of the hall and go to the Office of the Secretary of the Department. They will tell you there.

I want you to stamp the informational certified copy of my academic record! I do not want to pay an official stamp...

The informational certified copy is, as indicated, “informational” so it does not have academic validity and cannot be validated with a

What should I do to to apply for the official academic transcript and how long does it take to arrive?

You have to go to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty. There you will fill in a form and they will give you a receipt that you will have to pay in the bank (each academic year the fees change and if the certificate is to deliver to any service of the Universitat de València, is free). Once you have filled in the form and made the payment, hand it over in the Office of the Secretary. You could pick up your official academic transcript within a week.

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