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Science is apolitical?


Modern science has traditionally represented as true and universal Knowledge. The social context in which it formulate scientific explanations, values ​​and ideology of those who propose and discuss new hypotheses seemed relevant. We now know, however, that although we study the nature of a claim objetivitat, both in the construction of knowledge and in their subsequent circulation and appropriation factors involved ideological, social, economic, etc.


Tribute to Darwin

Darwinism came hard in Valencia from 1868, a clear connection with the revolutionary liberal positions that prevailed at that time in most of the peninsula. In fact, many Spanish scientists that were formed at that time felt that Darwinian thinking and political revolution were closely connected.

In 1909 a group of students and professors of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia organized which probably constituted the main tribute to the centenary of the birth of Darwin in the Iberian context. Presiding over the organization of the event was Professor Pelegrí Casanova (1849-1919), who was considered one of the main drivers of evolutionary thinking in Spain. In this tribute to the political dimension of Darwinism is revealed. For example, the compatibility between Darwinian evolutionism and collectivist and socialist ideals is revealed by comparing the company and individuals with a body cell of the body metaphorical.


Political section
The Darwinian evolution was coupled with a strong social and economic thought ideologised since its inception. Few would question the influence forte was thinking of Malthus and his "struggle for existence" in the work of Darwin. It is also clear the influence exerted by Herbert Spencer, a theoretician of free market capitalism that popularized the idea of ​​"survival of the fittest."
In 1909 the tribute were throwing proclamations sign clearly anticlerical by some of the organizers. Unamuno tied the spirit of evolutionary progress in the reform of Christianity. Undoubtedly, the relationship between evolution and the different beliefs and ideologies has been much more complex and varied than we usually think. In particular, the evolution has been used as a pretext for battles broader scope: control of education by different actors, promoting extreme religious positions or a dogmatic positivist view of science, etc.
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