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Take advantage of the University's services to learn languages and improve Catalan and English!​

The Language Services offer different services to help you improving your command of Catalan and English and acquire communicative skills in other languages such as French and German. It also offers grants and prizes and runs campaigns to promote language equality and multilingualism. 

Click on the category to see all the services:

​ Learning (courses, conversation groups, language learning centres, language exchanges, individual tutoring, grants for doing language courses).

Language tests and accreditation (level tests in Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese; accreditation of teaching skills in different languages, Diploma de Mestre de Valencià and grants for doing language tests).

Editing and translation (use of language advice and editing services in Catalan and English, translation into Catalan). 

Languages resources (for learning and reference).

Incoming students welcoming (workshops and welcome and language exchanges events).

Equality and multilingualism (awards and grants for thesis, teaching materials and activities; languages and cultures workshops; guidance on language regulations; volunteering and campaigns).

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