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Just graduated

Congratulations  !







You are in luck because once the degree is finished, the University of Valencia continues to accompany you and offers you access to services and resources free of charge for one year.

To enjoy this free quota, your degree must be from the year before the current year.


1 YEAR FREE           free to access all UV Libraries

1 YEAR FREE           to connect via VPN to UV electronic resources

1 YEAR FREE           to access the Sports Service with a reduced price in the rate

1 YEAR FREE           to do Language Conversation in Self-Learning Centers

1 YEAR FREE           To improve at the UV Language Center while maintaining the student discount

1 YEAR FREE           To be able to do General Foundation courses with a discount

1 YEAR FREE           To access discounts at La Tenda and Publicacions UV

1 YEAR FREE           To receive the Method magazine for free at your home

1 YEAR FREE           To participate in the Alumni Activities at a preferential price

1 YEAR FREE           To access UVocupació and receive personalized employment advice

1 YEAR FREE           To access UVempren

1 YEAR FREE           To receive the Alumni UV Biweekly Newsletter

1 YEAR FREE           To access Nau Menuda and Nau Jove at preferential prices

1 YEAR FREE           To access discounts in collaborating companies of the UV Alumni Community


You must first register as a Basic Alumni UV and then apply to be a Premium Alumni UV by selecting the FREE FEE.


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