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On the first place, we would like to thank you for your support to the Alumni UV-Amics i antics alumnes project.

Since we began this path in 1997, the fundamental objective has been to promote and foster the relationship with former students and all those individuals without university studies or ex-students of other Universities, being more and more present in Valencian society throughout the year.

The University has been part of your life in an active and enriching way, but not only at a formative level but as a person, offering you unforgettable moments. The University is composed by a small part of all those who have passed through it and, in the same way, it will always be in each one of us.

The collective Alumni UV-Amics i antics alumnes aims to maintain these close ties, in the professional aspect and, of course, with the good friendships found within it.


We have many things to thank the Universitat de València.
Thank you very much for trusting in us.