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Alumni Comparteix

Alumni Comparteix is a new initiative that requires the implications by the members of the Alumni UV collective.  It will host lectures, master workshops, courses, etc., proposed and given by the same Alumni UV.  All the activities will be directed to the members of the collective and the participation in all the activities will be free. Likewise, it shall not be a remunerated activity for the person giving it.

The purpose of the Alumni Comparteix project is to create synergies between the Alumni UV and for those who are wishing to share their experience on key topics, taking advantage of the link between members as former students and friends of the Universitat to continue growing both personally and professionally.

Those interested in joining this initiative as responsible for an activity, should send their proposals and filling the proposal form.  The collective management will assess the viability of the different proposals and will configure an agenda from which the members will be informed periodically.

The selected proposals will be published on the collective's website, incorporating a brief explanation of the activity to be carried out and a professional resume of the person offering it.



Proposal form

The Alumni Comparteix Programme only manages the proposals of the collective members.  Proposals from people who are not linked to this collective should be sent to


Alumni Comparteix