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The Alumni UV Community

Since 1999, the year in which the Universitat de València found itself in a moment of maximum openness within the 500th anniversary celebration of its creation, a proposal was made to approach a society that presented increasingly complex cultural and educational demands.

The creation of Amics i Antics Alumnes (Friends and Alumni) to the embers of the General Foundation, had the primary objective of welcoming all citizens without distinction of degree or academic background.

The Alumni UV-Amics i Antics Alumnes (Alumni UV-Friends and Alumni) project have been designed to make the Universitat de València present in the city, outside de classrooms and outside the laboratories. With this purpose, it is aimed at all those who wish to continue to form part of the Universitat de València, benefit from preferential treatment with discounts on a wide range of services and receive all the information on the cultural offer offered by the institution.

Alumni UV welcomes all citizens without distinction of Degree or academic background.  The Amics project provides informative, economic and access facilities to the resources offered by the Universitat de València.

Advantages such as access to all the University libraries and special prices for sports activities, the Nau dels Xiquets i de les Xiquetes or the Foundation's courses are some of the options offered by the Amics card. On the other hand, in hotels, insurance, rural tourism or bookstores, among others can be accessed through this project.

In addition, a monthly series of activities, conferences, courses or trips (for all ages and for the whole family) are developed in order to serves as a link to strengthen the relationship between all those who take part in this project.

To belong to the Alumni UV collective is to attend university and make friends.

Alumni Spain

Alumni Spain was born with the purpose of putting the Amigos y Antiguos Alumnos (Friends and Alumni) of the Spanish Universities in contact.

The headquarters were located in the city of Alcalá de Henares in 2002, and consequently the Alumni Association of its university “exercised” the position of registered office of Alumni Spain.

Nowadays, it welcomes and disseminates opinions of all the associations and collectives that conform it, always with the mutual respect and independence enjoyed by each of the entities.

Every year, the different associations and faith-based collectives meet to analyse and debate issues of interest in the world of alumni and universities, and thus strengthen the links between them.