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European December 2020: The future of Europe | Valencia, from 1st to 11th


What do we know about our Southern neighbours? Why is it important to consider the Mediterranean as a priority for the future of Europe? Log on to learn about our Southern neighbours and what the European Union is doing in this regard. Test your knowledge with a live quiz and participate in a debate between youth from Valencia and from the South of the Mediterranean.

Activity by the staff of the ENI CBC MED Programme (Vincent Ernoux, Alejandro Lafarga, Laura Bas y Joumana Sweiss):

Intro: What is Europe doing with its Southern neighbours? (Vincent Ernoux). Quiz’s moderator: Alejandro Lafarga. Moderator of the debate with young people from the South: Joumana Sweiss. Participation of 3 or 4 young people from the South of the Mediterranean (Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon...).

Prior registration is required.


Date 10 december 2020 at 16:00 to 18:00. Thursday.


Lloc Online

Organized by

Universitat de València

Fundació General de la Universitat de València

Centre de Documentació Europea de la Universitat de València

Con el apoyo de: Europe Direct-GVA, Ayuntamiento de València y la Antena del Programa ENI CBC MED.



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