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1. The pre-registration to the courses is done personally or through the following form.

2. Once the pre-registration has been accepted, students will receive an email confirming their pre-registration with the registration form and the indications for the payment of the course through a bank transfer. This payment must be done in cash and a copy must be presented to the office of the Area of Musical Activities with a maximum period of 7 seven days (in case that there are less than 7 days for the beginning of the course, the payment should be done in a maximum of 24 hours) along with the registration form filled in. In that moment the registration will be formalised. The vacancies which have not been payed and justified in the correspondent period, they will be re-opened and offered to people on the waitlist.

In addition, in the cases of reduced registration fees, a copy of the student ID or the Alumni UV group should be provided, if necessary. On the other hand, in order to register, the student must comply with the formative requirements that are specified in the call of the course.

3. The registration period will be open from the starting day of the course, as long as there are vacant spots. Registration is free and the prevalence of the applicants will be listed in order of registration.

4. The carrying out of the courses depends on the minimum number of students registered in the call. If the number of students does not meet the minimum amount, the course may be cancelled. The cancellation of a course allows registered students to request a refund of the registration fees or the transfer of the registration to a course of the same or less cost in which there are still vacancies.

5. Refunding registration taxes. These are the reasons why a refund of the taxes might be requested:

         a) Cancellation of a course due to insufficient number of students.

         b) Administrative mistake of the Area.

         c) Due to a serious illness of the students (must attach medical certificate).

         d) Having payed the taxes of the general public being part of the university or a member of the Alumni UV group.

In the case of c) the application for refund can be done maximum 20 days after the beginning of the course and it should be justified with documents, unless the right of withdrawal is exercised in the described terms in the point 6. In order to request the refund of the taxes, you should refer to the office of the Area of Musical Activities with the ticket of the payment of the course and your own banking information.

6. Cancellation. In compliance with the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16th November, by which the text in the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws is approved, and except in legally established exceptions, you have the right to cancel the contract in the period of 14 natural days, without the need of justifying or being penalised.

In the case of a course, you can exercise the right of cancellation within 14 natural days from the day after the formalisation of the registration, that is, when the payment of the course is done.To exercise the right of cancellation, you must notify your decision to do so through a declaration, for instance a letter sent through fax or email to

Consequences of cancellation:

In case of cancellation, we will refund all the payments without delay and, in any case, the latest it would take would be 14 natural days from the date in which we are informed of your decision to cancel the present contract. We will proceed to refund you through the same medium of payment you initially used, unless you have stated otherwise; in any case, there will no fee for the refund, except when it is a commission to carry out a transfer in your favour, commission which will be deducted from the final amount to refund.

7. The students that comply with the attendance requirement (minimum of 80% in the teaching schedule) will receive a certification of the course signed by the Vice-rector of Culture of the Universitat de València. This attendance is verified with the signature of the student in the attendance lists. In the case that the student has not met this requirement of attendance, the Area of Musical Activities will not issue a certificate. There is not any circumstance that can justify the absence to the courses.

8. It is very important that the student notices any possible mistakes in their personal information in the attendance list and communicates it as soon as possible to the staff of the Area of Musical Activities.

9. The certificates of attendance are available in the office of the Area 15 days after the ending of the course. In case that the interested person cannot collect the certificate, they may authorise another person to do so, with a photocopy of their DNI and a signed authorization that specifies the name and dates of the course as well as the name and DNI of the authorised person.

10. If you have any doubts, contact:

Area of Musical Activities
General Foundation of the Universitat de València
Amadeu de Savoia Street, 4-4a Floor, 46010, Valencia
Tel. 96 398 31 96
Fax 96 353 10 77