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Open Government, Participation and Open Data Chair (PAGODA)

The Chair, with the aim of promoting, developing and carrying out tasks related to transparency, citizen participation and open government, carries out activities in various fields:

  • Research activities: studies, research projects, congresses, conferences and scientific publications.
  • Activities for the transfer to society as well as to the institutional and, where appropriate, business fabric, of research results committed to innovation.
  • Dissemination and awareness-raising activities: guides and manuals, dissemination books, electronic publications, dissemination in social networks, cultural activities, meetings, events and events.
  • Training activities: Methodological conferences, training courses and seminars.
  • Collaborative activities between different actors (academic, governmental and social) with the aim of broadening the impact of the actions developed by the Chair in order to generate a scenario of commitment to transparency and good governance.
  • Holding competitions (datathons) to establish new applications in the use of open data.