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Open Government, Participation and Open Data Chair

The PAGODA Open Government, Participation and Open Data Chair is the result of an agreement between the Universitat de València and the Regional Ministry of Transparency, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation of the Valencian Government. Its main objective is to promote, develop and carry out tasks of transparency, citizen participation and open government through an interdisciplinary approach that brings together political, social, legal and technical considerations related to open data and new information and communication technologies.

The teaching and research staff linked to the Chair have extensive experience in the analysis of public policy, democracy and citizen participation, with special emphasis on the areas of good governance and transparency, from very different approaches and methodologies, complemented by a strong civic and social commitment.

It also has extensive experience in the use of advanced analytical techniques on structured and unstructured data (language/text/image) with results recognised in prestigious journals and in the development of a large number of private and public projects. Their expertise in advanced data analysis makes them particularly suited for the more technical tasks related to the use and enjoyment of the full potential of Open Data.

The ultimate objective of the Chair is to contribute to the improvement of the performance of our democratic institutions and social fabric by contributing to the shaping of a political culture that is more open to citizen participation and to the accountability and responsibility of public decision-makers.

Executive team
Co-direction Transparency and Good Governance:

  • Joaquín Martín Cubas
  • Emilio Soria Olivas
  • Jorge Castellanos Claramunt

Co-direction Participation and Good Governance:

  • Ricard Calvo Palomares
  • Enric Sigalat Signes
  • Arantxa Grau Muñoz