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Annual A1-A2 Mornings (90 hours)

Annual course, with a calendar spanning the academic year. Perfect for getting started in the study of the language and developing the basic communicative strategies, with a sequencing that allows for progressive and solid progress.
Nature Level Course
Levels A1, A2
Initial date 29/09/2022
Date ending 01/06/2023
Number of hours 90h
Timetable Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:30 to 11:00
Type of training In person
Inscription From 01/03/2022 until 02/06/2023
First registration fee 40€
Course price 576€ STUDENT UV 125€

Languages Centre

Tarongers Campus

Carrer Serpis, 25

46022 Valencia (Valencia)

+34 963 067 781

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