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Translation and Interpretation

Translation and proofreading

Translation of all types of texts and documents

This service is available for a wide range of original formats, both editable (text processors, spread sheets and general office suite files, editorial documents and documents for webpages and applications) as well as non-editable documents (scanned documents or image etc.).

We work with documents for all types of purposes: academic, legal, technical, informational and administrative etc.

The proofreading service is an additional service. As a rule, proofreading and quality assessment for all documents is completed by the translator themselves. In cases where quality is of extremely important, it is possible for a second translator to proofread the final document. This service is also available to proofread texts that have already been translated (by the client or a third party).



Text correction

Proofreading and correction of texts in their original language. Spell checking, grammatical correction, lexical and stylistic adaptation.






Sworn translations

Processing (translation and/or proofreading and seal) of sworn translations for all relevant purposes. We manage the delivery of the original and translated documents to the appropriate translator in the network of sworn translators for proofreading, as well as collecting the final documents, ready to be submitted to the relevant entities.




Linguistic consulting: presentations and conferences

This service is aimed at anyone who needs to prepare a public oral presentation (speeches, talks, seminars, workshops etc.) in a foreign language: lecturers, researchers, and business professionals. The Language Centre provides professional linguistic advice: correction/proofreading of the document (or translation when appropriate) beforehand, the recording of an audio file by a native speaker of the target language, advice and support on pronunciation and prosody and error correction.






This service is currently being developed. Please send any enquiries to our department email.







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