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Certification Equivalence Table

Validity of foreign language tests

The Accreditation Tests of the Knowledge of Foreign Languages at the University of Valencia (PACLE) are generally valid within the University of Valencia on the basis of what is established in the agreement of the Governing Council ACGUV 156/2018, ratified on 23/07/2021 in ACUV 224/2021, which determines the validity of the certifications of foreign languages at the University of Valencia and includes a table of equivalences of accreditation of L2 languages.

Candidates who pass the English, French and German PACLE tests will be able to prove their linguistic competence within the University of Valencia for:

  • Mobility programmes (Erasmus or International Mobility)
  • Bachelor's, postgraduate or Master's degree
  • Internal promotion of the University of Valencia
  • Permanent Post Access Exams of the University of Valencia

If you have already accredited or plan to accredit your language level and want to know the validity of a certain test within the University of Valencia, you can consult the equivalence table attached to agreement 156/2018, July 10:

In addition, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and therefore the Generalitat Valenciana, with Decree 61/2013 17 May, art. 2.2 recognizes as accreditation of language training the certificates of university language centres that follow the accreditation model of the Association of Higher Education Language Centres (ACLES).

The Language Centre has passed the CertAcles English test, so all those who pass the accreditation test for levels B1, B2 and C1 of the PACLE Certacles English exams will be able to certify their linguistic competence for the valuation at Public Post Access Exams.

Validity of Valencian tests

To accredit the level of Valencian, you can consult the agreement 66/2018, 24 April, 2018 that establishes the validity of the certificates of knowledge of Valencian issued by the Language Service of the University of Valencia and the equivalences of other titles, diplomas and certificates.