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Erasmus test

B1 language tests for Erasmus Studies mobility programmes

These tests are carried out at the request of the International Relations Service for those who wish to participate in a mobility programme but do not have a certificate of language proficiency.

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DURATION (click to display information)

50 minutes

PLACE AND DATE (click to display information)

Aulario III de Blasco Ibáñez (Av Menéndez Pelayo 16),, Saturday, 16 December 2023.

Assigned shifts:

PARTS DESCRIPTION (click to display information)

  • Part 1:
  • 30 grammar and vocabulary questions
  • Multiple choice - 4 options
  • Part 2:
  • A text with 10 questions
  • Cloze - 3 options
  • Part 3:
  • Two or three short texts, 10 questions in total
  • Reading Comprehension (general and detailed comprehension)
  • Multiple choice - 3 options

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FAQ (click to display information)

Do I have to register at the Language Centre?

No, you can register together with the Erasmus Studies application from 6 to 24 November. You can find the information here


Is it a B1 certification test? Will I get a certificate?

No, it is a language proficiency test designed for mobility programmes. It does not certify a B1 level and therefore the Language Centre will not issue any certification.


Will the Language Centre notify me when the results of my test are available?

No, the Language Centre will inform International Relations of the results.


Is it possible to take the test online?​

No, the online test format in previous years was due to the health situation. If you are unable to take the test on 16 December, write to Only cases of force majeure with the necessary documents provided will be taken into account.


If I have a question or query about the test, who can I contact?​

Write to