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Regarding Spain, the Agenda 2030 of the Sustainable Development Goals involves government bodies (at all levels of territorial organisation) and all sectors of society. As observed in the "Joint statement between Spain and the United Nations to cooperate for sustainable development“, published in 2019, Spain has stated its commitment to achieving the goals of the Agenda 2030. A commitment that must promote new reforms focused on three fundamental bases, which are peace, safety and development, and human rights. With this objective, in 2018, the document Action plan for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals was drawn up as a result of the political consensus shown in the PNL 161/001253. Thus, the evolution of the implementation of the SDGs in our territory can be analysed with two documents published in 2018: "7 months of Government committed to inclusive and sustainable development" and “Statistical annex for the 2018 voluntary national assessment".

At national level, we can also highlight the existence of the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development, of which the Universitat de València is part, who aims to mobilise the experience and resources of the academic field, the civil society and the private sector providing solutions for sustainable development at local, national and global level, thus involving various agents of society.