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Universities are a key element for the integration of the SDGs in our society given their role as knowledge transmitters, transformers and integrators of our society.

The Universitat de València has shown its commitment for the integration of the SDGs. Specifically with the project “SDGs: I do!” (in its Spanish acronym yODSi) it is intended, from the various areas of the Universitat, to analyse the goals in depth in order to design specific actions for the integration of the perspective of sustainability in the running and function of the university itself and its environment. The aim is not so much to disseminate the SDGs, but rather to open a critical debate on the transformative potential of the university in terms of respect and care for people and the planet. It is worth highlighting the publication of two documents such as a Summary of the UN SDGs, and, in particular,  The university as a driver of social transformation through the SDGs, which details the project designed to achieve this purpose. Also noteworthy as a specific body of the UV related to the SDGs is the creation of the Sustainability Committee, an advisory body of the Universitat de València responsible for analysing the different proposals derived from the various university areas (centres, institutes or commissions, delegations, among others), thus materialising some of these proposals in new policies adopted in the field of sustainability.

The UV has launched, as described above, a project comprising different instruments such as courses, round tables, seminars and other activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals. It also foresees the organisation of an inter-university congress at European and national level where the different initiatives and experiences of several universities can be shared. This is a seventeen-month project, which began last September 2019 and will end in the first quarter of 2022. A total of nine phases will be carried out during the entire duration of the project. The project is currently in its sixth phase, dedicated to the implementation of the project and its activities, and the collection of conclusions and proposals from these activities. Within this framework of action, we also find the current proposal of the International Centre of the UV in Gandia, which dedicates the entirety of its traditional Summer University to the SDGs in its 37th edition.