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New tendencies in cultural policies and funding frameworks

LANAUWebinars: Conversations on science, evidence and reason.

New tendencies in cultural policies and funding frameworks.

Presentation for the guide “Hacia una cultura sostenible” (Towards a sustainable culture) (REDS)

Introduction: Marta García Haro. REDS’ Director

Main presentation: Alfons Martinell. REDS’ Culture Work Group

Public policies and European funding: How can culture’s centrality for a sustainable development be made operational?

Augusto Paramio. Creative Europe, Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports

Fabienne Trotte. Relais Culture Europe

Presented by: Ester Alba. UV Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport

Moderated by: Raúl Abeledo. UV Academic Director of the Cultural Observatory

In the webinar ‘New trends in cultural politics and funding frameworks', Marta García Haro, head of the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development (REDS), and Alfons Martinell, director of the REDS working group on Culture and Sustainable Development, will present the guide ‘Towards a sustainable culture’, a pioneering initiative in Spain on how to integrate the 2030 Agenda in the cultural sector. This REDS publication aims to provide professionals from the cultural and creative sector with useful tools for adopting a sustainable approach and incorporating sustainability criteria and indicators in their projects. Secondly, the seminar will offer a round table discussion on public policies and European funding, with the participation of Augusto Paramio, coordinator of the Creative Europe Office (Ministry for Culture and Sport), and Fabienne Trotte, director of Research and Innovation projects at Relais Culture Europe. The event will be presented by Ester Alba, Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport at the University of Valencia, and moderated by Raúl Abeledo, director of UV Cultural Observatory.

Registration required to attend in person (limited capacity and registration conditioned by the acceptance of the health safety protocol): https://www.uv.es/webinarslanau

Registration required Blackboard connection: https://ir.uv.es/0KUSjcP


Date 13 may 2021 at 18:00 to 20:00. Thursday.


Lloc Aula Magna Centre Cultural La Nau + Blackboard.

Organized by

Org: Nau Digital-Observatori Cultural UV i Fundació General UV

Col: Ajuntament de València i Caixa Popular.


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