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The General Foundation of the Universitat de València is part of the following networks:

Logo Aef

Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF)

The Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF) is a private and independent foundation registered in the National Record of Associations of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior (Home Office). It has been declared of great utility and operates in all the national territory. It gathers the Spanish foundations independently of their size, aims and fields of action. It aims to develop and strengthen the whole sector.

FGUV belongs to the Coordination Committee of the Regional Council of Foundations of the Spanish Association of Foundations.

Logo Alumni

Federation of Former Spanish University Students’ Associations

The Federation of Former Spanish University Students’ Associations was born in order to gather this group of associations. It was established as a platform for the respectful dissemination of the independent opinions of the entities, which have already become the civil transforming actors of the university.


Logo Fundació Anna Lindh

Anna Lindh Foundation

It is an entity that is financed by more than 40 countries of the Mediterranean and Europe. This foundation promotes regional initiatives in Euromed and gives support to local activities organised by the civil society that improve the coexistence between people, religions and beliefs; and support human rights and democracy.

FGUV is a member of the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, which is coordinated by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed).


Logo Regional Network Labour Market Monitoring

Regional Network Labour Market Monitoring

It is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to support the European labour network Institutes, organisations and companies coming from more than 26 European countries are active members of this network to improve the monitoring of the regional labour market. Its main objective is to support the exchange and dissemination of information on the news, labour, challenges and objectives of the regional labour market monitoring.

FGUV is a member of Regional Network Labour Market Monitoring.

Logo Leo Net

LEONET (Leveraging Education into Organisations)        

This network of academic student mobility counts on more than 160 partners (universities and organisations) in 32 European countries. They are all involved in the academic mobility of young people. The idea is to establish a platform for discussing the common problems and challenges, as well as developing strategies for improving higher education studies.

Logo Coordinadora Valenciana d'ONGD

Coordinadora Valenciana d'ONGD (CVONGD)

It coordinates the plans of ONGD by means of dialogue, reflection and joint works so that all the actions are coherent, adequate and respectful. In addition, it they encourage all state and private workers that work in cooperation and development do it following its guidelines.

FGUV is a member of CVONGD.

Logo Associació Espayola de Crowdfunding

Spanish Association of Crowdfunding

The objectives of the association are to promote crowdfunding as a valuable and viable formula for companies and Spanish entrepreneurship projects, become the voice of crowdfunding platforms with the media and the politicians and to publish a code of good practices that can be adopted by all crowdfunding platforms and professionals.

FGUV is a member of the Spanish Association of Crowdfunding through Uniempren, which is a platform of micro-patronage that manages the General Foundation of the Universitat de València.