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Measures to prevent conflicts of interest

The Universitat de València has expressed its unequivocal commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards, as well as the adoption and promotion of the principles of public integrity, impartiality and honesty in all its areas of action. All members of the university community are expected to take ownership of this institutional commitment.

As a manifestation of this commitment, the Governing Council, during its plenary meeting on 13th December 2021, approved the Roadmap on public integrity measures, the prevention and fight against fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest (ACGUV2021-303), which defines the initial procedure for dealing with the prevention and correction of situations of conflicts of interest, establishes an internal whistleblowing channel and provides for the constitution of the Public Integrity Committee (ACGUV2021-303).

The Human Resources Service (PAS), in compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned Roadmap, makes the following forms available to applicants or those who form part of any of the technical selection bodies:

  1. Declaration of absence of conflict of interests (DACI).
  2. Confidentiality agreement if you have access to the database of the Personal Area of this Universitat, basically through the software application UXXI RH.  
  3. Request for access and view of the administrative record.


More information in UVintegritat.