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The Degree Academic Committees organise the teaching and guarantee the academic coherence of the corresponding degree. The functions of the Degree Academic Committees are:

  1. Developing the planning proposal of the academic year, considering the criteria established by the Governing Body and the proposals by the departments.
  2. Coordinating and monitoring the teaching programming of the departments involved.
  3. Preparing and disseminating the documentation needed for monitoring and informing students, for the academic pathways and for optional and free elective subjects.
  4. Preparing the timetables proposals and the allocation of spaces.

In the Degree Academic Committees, chaired by the Dean or the Director of the Centre or the person in charge, the presence of all the departments responsible of the teaching of core and compulsory subjects of the Degree will be guaranteed. And the representation by the departments involved only optional subjects and the students of the Degree proposed by the Student Council Branch (Article 44 bis of the Statutes) will be also present.





Name Category Knowledge Area
Pérez del Olmo, Ana Chairperson Zoology
Crespo Rupérez, Carlos PDI Coordinator 1st year Cellular Biology 
Pascual Calaforra, Lluís PDI Coordinator 2nd year Genetics
Del Ramo Romero, José PDI Coordinator 3rd year Functional Biology
Mesquita i Juanes, Francesc PDI Coordinator 4th year (CBC) Ecology
Fouz Rodríguez, Belen PDI Coordinator 4th year (FBS) Microbiology
Ortells Bañeres, Raquel PDI Coordinator CBC External Ecology
Varea López, Emilio PDI Coordinator FBS External Cellular Biology 
Atienza Tamarit, Violeta PDI Botany
Camacho González, Antonio PDI Ecology
Escorihuela Fuentes, Jorge PDI Organic Chemistry
Gozalo Gutiérrez, Rodolfo PDI Geology
Jiménez Escamilla, Misericordia PDI Microbiology
Martínez Tomás, Mª del Carmen PDI Applied Physics
Moltó Ruiz, Mª Dolores PDI Genetics
Montero Royo, Francisco E. PDI Zoology
Moya Pérez, Juan Antonio PDI Mathematics
Navarro Quiles, Ana PDI Statistics
Novella Gaya, Enric PDI History of Science
Peretó Magraner, Juli PDI Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Pertusa Grau, José PDI Functional Biology 
Sanz Grau, Amparo PDI Plant Physiology
Abellán Flor, Darío Student  
Dios Ortega, Joel Student  
Pérez Marco, Santiago Student  
Riera Carrión, David Student  
Silva Dias Pinto Rocha, Claudia Student  
Ubiedo Evangelio, Pablo Student  
Barberá Rey, Amparo PAS