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  • Universitat de València
  • CO2 incubator (SANYO M18 AIC-UV, SANYO M19 AIC-UV, HERACELL 150i Thermoscientific, NÜBE EC160).
  • Hypoxia incubator, THERMOSCIENTIFIC STERI-CYCLE i160.
  • Laminar flow hood TELSTAR AV 30/70.
  • Laminar flow hood biological safety TELSTAR BIO IIA (3 units) and THERMOSCIENTIFIC MSC-ADVANTAGE.
  • Laminar flow hood ESCO OPTIMAIR ACB-4A1.
  • Exhaust gas hoods OR-ST1500 Burdinola.
  • Auxiliary equipment: N2 Tank (equipment of cryopreservation), ARPEGE 140, PERCISTERM 20L P-SELECTA analog precision bath, EPPENDORF 5810 R centrifuge, 2 P-SELECTA electrical autoclaves for sterilisation, HERMLE cooled microcentrifuge of laboratories Labortechnik, HERAEUSmultifuge 3SR+ Thermoscientific centrifuge, precision scale ACCULAB Sartorius Group.
  • ESPECTRAMAX-GEMINI XPS fluorimeter. Molecular devices.
  • ESPECTRA-MAX PLUS spectrophotometer. Molecular devices.
  • NIKONEclipse TS100 Microscope, UNITRONIC OR 20L, P-SELECTA precision bath with agitation and control by microprocessor.
  • Automatic cell counter (AUTOMATED CELL COUNTER TC10 de BIORAD).
  • Low-volume spectrophotometer (NANODROP 2000, de THERMOSCIENTIFIC).
  • Camera (MOTICAM 2500, 5.0 M Píxel USB2.0).
  • LEICA DMI1 Camera Stand Microscope.
  • Camera ( LEICA MC 170 HD).
  • ESCO SWIFT MiniPro  Thermalcycler.
  • Automated Platform for Cellular Phenotyping


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