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List of activities

  • 04/12/00 - 31/05/01

    Acid utopies: visions of the Martínez Guerricabeitia Collection

    This exhibition is a dialogue between the Martínez Guerricabeitia Collection about two intertwined plots: portait and friendship. The collection is a portrait of the collectors with their illusions, convictions, preferences and affects. For this reason, Carmen García Merchante and Jesús Martínez Guerricabeitia appear in the exhibition alongside with their paintings, drawings, books and magazines. The second argument outlines the personal relations between artists and collectors that figure in the dedications and portraits. The exhibition features works of Anzo, Barjola, Canogar, Genovés, Equipo Crónica, Spadari, Ugalde, Villalba, Renau, Pablo Serrano, Saura and Tàpies.

  • 13/02/02 - 31/05/02

    José Manaut. Oil paintings and drawings from prison, 1943-1944

    The interest of this exhibition lies in the fact that it is the first exhibition in the collection of drawings - discovered the previous year - and small-format oils painted by the Valencian José Manaut (Líria, 1989 - Madrid, 1971) during his stay in the provincial prison of Madrid - Porlier and Carabanchel- between 1943 and 1944. The images that Manaut captured, showed not only the details of the daily life of the republican prisoners, like the siesta, the ranch, the reading of the correspondence or the deflea but they testified the crudity of the Franco's repression in the prisons. The exhibition was curated by the professors of the Carlos III University of Madrid, Feico Castro and Elisa Povedano.

  • 04/11/02 - 28/02/03

    Donations and new acquisitions

    The exhibition presents the latest additions to the University's artistic collection thanks to the patronage of businessman Jesús Martínez and all the artists who, through him, have wanted to recognise his activity as a collector. The exhibition aims to be a gesture of public recognition of the University to the founder of the Patronato and to the rest of the donors. A total of 41 works are included, including paintings of different techniques and supports, graphic works and drawings. The works now brought together embrace a broad stylistic (from realism to geometric abstraction, including expressionism) and chronological as well, from works from the late 1960s to others from the same year. We are grateful for the collaboration of the Banco Santan Central Hispano and the Vicerectorate of Culture of the Universitat de València.

  • 03/04/03 - 29/06/03

    Martín Caballero. L'ull viu

    The sample collects 30 works, 7 of which belong to the Collection Martínez Guerricabeitia and 27 are loans of individual collections and private and public institutions. This exhibition analyses Martín Caballero’s pictorial production of 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. It also reflects about the critical expressionism of the Valencian painter. Rather than speaking in hindsight, we have to identify this exhibition as a set of the most representative features of his work. “L'ull viu” is the title that the very author considered appropriate and portrays perfectly his vital ideas and combative spirit.

  • 08/02/10 - 10/02/25

    inVISIBLES. The other women?
    Photographs by Susi Artal

    Edifici Rectorat, 4a planta

  • 05/05/11 - 05/06/11

    Gender violence. Photographs by Walter Astrada

  • 12/12/11 - 30/04/12

    Through the looking glass. Obesity readings: Medicine, art and society.

    Palau de Cerveró. Sales Lluís Alcanyís i Manuela Solís.

  • 02/10/12 - 03/02/13

    COVERS (1951 - 1964). Cultura, juventud y rebeldía

  • 12/12/12 - 19/03/13

    ORANGE GROVES. Cultural sceneries.

  • 06/02/13 - 02/03/14

    Eloy Alonso. The graves of obscurity Photon Festival 2013. 3rd International Photojournalism Festival